Samsung@Bookfest 2007

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Samsung participates at the book fair as well. The items on offer are the portable media players, digital cameras and video cameras.

Link - Mobilephone 1
Link - Mobilephone 2
Link - Cameras and MP3 players
Link - Cameras
Link - Camcorders
Link - MP3 players

Any special you might say, since it is not exactly a IT fair. Yes, I say, because on show is a special edition of Samsung K3 MP3 player, WHITE edition.

Other than this white K3, Samsung D880 is also making its appearance. You should know that D880 comes with two SIM card slots!

Note that there is a promotion going on at NTUC Hypermart as well with Samsung K3 (not including the White edition), going at S$129. Link to previous post
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