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NTUC Hypermart is having its Electrical Fair from 13 December to 26 December. You might wonder if this Ang Mo Kio based outlet has any good deals, you should know that Sim Lim Square and Funan IT Mall does not have the best deals all the time. There are several offers at the fair, but we are highlighting two that we like most.

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First, we recommend Samsung DVDP370 DVD player which is retailing at S$79! And in this case, the slick design of the player is already worth the S$79 price tag. The price is not particularly cheap for DVD players especially when there are many choices (such as Akira, and Shinco). Besides the design, you also can be assured of the quality of Samsung DVD players.

If you are in for a DVD player without HDMI cable, this could be the pick.

Link - Samsung DVDP370 DVD Player

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Samsung YP-K3 is on sale at S$129. Well, YP-K3 is belongs to Samsung's older line-up of audio players. The similiar replacement for K3 is Samsung T10.

The highlights of K3 is notably its slim design, and the glossy outlook. Note that it does not play videos but is a very capable audio player in terms of sound quality. Other features includes FM Radio and picture viewer. You might also like its flashy OLED display which is very unique from the rest of the crowd. All in all, S$129 is a very good price.

Link - Samsung YP-K3
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