PCCW-HKT Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card: Hong Kong Trip!

PCCW-HKT Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card
[EXPERIENCE] This one is about my research work to choosing a mobile data service for my 5 days trip to Hong Kong last month. These days it seems to be cheaper to purchase the card locally before jetting over. My choice was the csl HKD 88 5 days pass aka "PCCW-HKT Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card". PCCW-HKT is the parent company of csl Mobile Limited. csl stands for Communication Services Limited.

It's probably the cheapest mobile data service available for 5 days and shorter trips. For HKD 88 or SGD 15, you get in Hong Kong;
  • 1.5GB of local mobile data
  • Unlimited csl Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited local voice calls. 
You can purchase the SIM on Changi Recommends web and collect SIM at Changi Recommends outlets in the airport before departure. There are outlets at all 3 terminals. Or you can buy the SIM at Hong Kong airport.

For a traveller with usage for Maps and occasionally googling, it's an excellent choice. In my experience, the SIM is easy to setup, pop it in and it's instantly up and running. The SIM is a 3-in-1 type for all mobile phones, meaning the card is 3 sizes in 1; original SIM size, micro SIM and nano SIM (see the image above).

A 4G LTE card also ensure that I am happy enough with the speed I am getting during my stay.

There is one thing to note, that this SIM will not work in Macau. An additional HKD 40 for 40MB is optional.

PCCW-HKT Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card
Of course, the csl 5 days pass is cheapest only in absolute value, that you pay the lowest at just SGD 15. The catch is of course the meagre 1.5GB data plan.  You can also consider a 5GB 8 days pass at HKD 118. Here is also noteworthy that you have to dial a number to check the data usage rather than over a app or web.

Interestingly, csl offers a HKD 218 card that covers China-HK-Macau, not available on Changi Recommends. Details here: Link. In essence it's a 5GB 8 days pass plus 100MB for roaming in China and Macau.

Depending if you are travelling in pairs, groups or if you are a social media enthusiast, a csl SIM won't be the best option.

In the latter case then a overseas mobile wifi router is perhaps more suitable. For example, Changi Recommends' mobile router offers unlimited data usage, fits pockets, last more than half a day easily and supports up to 8 devices simultaneous connection.

For Hong Kong travallers, as of 1st October 2016, it's going at SGD 10 rental a day excluding the first day of rental. Just remember to make your reservation online to take advantage of the discount codes on their web or if you are a DBS Credit Card holder, there are codes that offers more discounts, search on the web!

Only catch here is the Fair Usage Policy where a data usage limit cap is imposed, Hong Kong's case is 500MB. When exceeding the limit, the connection will be reduced, for example from 4G to 3G. As well Macau is not included.

Finally, local telecoms are also providing interesting data roaming services these days.For example, SingTel offers 1GB in 1 month data roaming across 11 countries including Hong Kong and Macau at SGD 20. Details: Link. Data usage is trackable in the My SingTel app, certainly convenient.

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