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KKday Campaign at The Working Capitol
[NEW SERVICE] The e-commerce boom in recent years brought tremendous time and cost savings to travellers and holiday-goers especially with aggregators and travel portals. And now there is a new service, to connect you to local tours from all over the world!

See, the usual holidays plans are either "free and easy" aka. you plan yourself with perhaps land tour from tour packages or just plainly tour packages from tour agencies.

KKday aims to change that by offering customised itineraries and travel activities and creating unique travelling experiences. Headquartered in Taiwan, KKday is a local tour ecommerce platform offering 6,000 travel experiences from 53 countries, 170 cities.

In conjunction with the media launch on 6th October 2016, hosted by Paul Twohill and KKday’s CEO, Ming Chen, who flew in from Taiwan, KKday’s successful debut event in Singapore was complimented by the announcement of their exciting campaign - #taiwantrippin. Find more details below!

A nice start for KKday!

Here are details on participation - #taiwantrippin :
1. Upload a 30 second video on Instagram - “Reasons why you should go on this epic trip”
2. Hashtag #taiwantrippin and #kkdaysg
3. Head to website to fill up submission form with contact details, so winner can be contactable.
4. Top 5 video entries will be shortlisted. Shortlisted participants will share the campaign with their friends to garner votes.
5. Selected winner and 3 friends will get to enjoy the most epic trip in Taiwan in January 2017!

The winner will be awarded with the following prizes:
1. An all expenses paid 7-day trip around Taiwan, worth more than S$8,000.
2. You'll get to bring along 3 of your best friends on this epic adventure.
3. You and three friends will get to enjoy more than 10 KKday travel experiences all around Taiwan.
4. You will be recognised as KKday's Travel Ambassador 2017.

Link - Kkday
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