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[HANDS-ON] Lately my MacBook Pro got incredibly slow and a reformat had done world of goodness for the poor MacBook Pro. The downside is to have to re-deploy the computer. For one thing, I had to setup my mail accounts again. of course it was easy peasy  up until the Yahoo! account seemed not to be configured correctly automatically when you choose Yahoo! on Mac’s mail setup wizard (as seen in the screenshot below).

The problem was in the “User Name” column and “Email Address” column, the abbreviation of “@ymail.com” is not included automatically although I had included them when setting up the mail wizard.

So if you are using @Ymail.com instead of @Yahoo.com, watch out!


[NEW GADGET] Samsung S6 Edge teamed up with the most popular marvel character to become possibly the most brilliant Marvel merchandise ever. It is so good that it looks like one of Tony Starks’ super high-tech toy in the movies.

At the back of the phone with a gold drawing of the Iron Man helmet and also in the package is a limited edition wireless charging dock resembling the Arc Reactor designed by Tony Stark in the Marvel movie series.

The black market will benefit from a limited supply of stocks with Samsung releasing only 1,000 units available in Korea on May 27th 2015, and in China and Hong Kong by June.

Link - http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/avengers/
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