[For Sale] With a new iPhone 6 in place, my sister decided to put her iPhone 5 Space Grey 16GB up for sale.

Still a very relevant phone 2 years since its launch. Its resolution and pixel density are still better than mid-ranGE Android phones thesedays.

So here it is, with box and charger only. I mean I can't imagining who will want used earpiece. She also lost her cable. Oh well.

It is in very good condition except some paint peel along the edges. If you are interested, contact me via my Carousell account.

iPhone 5 Space Grey 16GB for $350 https://carousell.com/p/14137229 on #carousell

[NEWS] So Mi Pad made its way to Singapore only after almost a year of sales in China, and all it took was 3 mins to sell out. I first featured this Android tablet  Link in May 2014!

At S$299, it's the best tablet you can buy with the likes of iPad Mini, Air and Samsung Tab Pro all going for a higher price.

However only the 16GB white version is available on shore Singapore. Plus it is out of stock at the moment. To get it, you have to join in the next batch of release by Xiaomi Singapore. Which really is holding back sales numbers. Xiaomi always maintained it is due to their limited manufacturing capacity but speculation says its marketing tactics.

And really, with just 16GB model they are losing out on even more sales given 16GB isn't much by any stretch of imagination. Ouch!

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