[REVIEW] There is no middle road when it comes to repairing a out-of-warranty gadget.

It's either paying over the top to go to the service centre or repair shops which, in Singapore, mostly look rouge.You know it is rouge by a signboard made of 1 zillion flashing LEDs of all colours, unfashionable shop names and shop renovation (or the lack of it).

If rouge shop is your choice, then your only hope must be that they can rescue whatever is wrong with your gadget.

My problem on hand is a Nexus 7 (2013) broken screen. And it is a real problem because as I found out first hand, not many shops would fix a Nexus 7. Such a terffic tablet! What a shame!

Out of the several shops at Sim Lim Square, I had to pick one with my gut feeling and cross my fingers and toes and hope for the best. 

So this repair shop is located behind alley on the 3rd floor.

The quote from the friendly guys was S$160. Which appears to be one of the best prices i got from visiting at least 10 other shops!

Having offered a what I thought is a decent price, I took the offer and the guy took a good look at the damaged tablet. He asked some standard questions like if the LCD panel is cracked and if the panel is responding to the touches.

And that was it. 2 hours later, the Nexus 7 came out with a new screen and all is good again!

With repair shops, there is always no guarantee that the repairs will be good or even it is good for a while, there is no assurances it will last.

Having said that, if you have a broken Nexus 7, maybe you can give this place a go!

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