Is your current phone not producing sufficiently good photos? Samsung didn’t think so and hence they decided to pack 20.7 megapixels CMOS sensor, 10x Optical zoom lens and 1080p/60fps video recording into an Android phone and name it, the Samsung Galaxy K zoom.

In case you don’t see the need for what you would call a “camera-phone”, Samsung made a nice little video to promote the use cases of Galaxy K zoom. You can find the embedded video below.

Samsung Galaxy K zoom is could be the most complete “camera-phone” yet with 10x optical zoom and Xenon Flash/OIS plus a large CMOS sensor which is, in theory, a great combination to take night photos given that this is a real slim and small design.
With these hardware specifications, Samsung innovates with the internals.

Selfie Alarm sounds like a fun proposition to take selfie, where you choose where your head would in the composition of the selfie and the alarm will hint you that the selfie is turning out to be what you wanted.

AE/AF Separation is even more intriguing because you can lock in the exposure on focus object and adjust the background exposure accordingly. Again in theory it might be wonderfully great to take images.

At SGD 798 without contract or a Singtel 2 year Value plan at SGD 268, Samsung Galaxy K zoom is not your top of the line phone. Instead, it is made for a niche market that may include selfies fanatics...
“Make the most usable Android tablet”. Exactly. Exactly, XiaoMi.

XiaoMi continues to make their name with the announcement of XiaoMi Pad today. The product officially goes on sale after June 2014 but with the specifications, we are looking at another winner in the Chinese company’s lineup.

XiaoMi first ever tablet comes with some of the best specifications there is in the industry; A 2048 x 1536 resolution display, that’s 326 ppi, and the newest Nvida Tegra K1 processor and 2GB ram more than hold it’s own against the ever popular iPad mini Retina or Google Nexus 7 2013. Though, it is hardly a fair comparison since Pad Mini has been around for some time now and you bet an update is always around the corner.
XiaoMi Pad with it’s specifications will hardly raise anyone’s eyebrow. It’s selling price will. 16GB verion is on sale for RMB 1499, roughly SGD 300 and 64GB version for RMB 1699, roughly SGD 340. In contrast iPad mini Retina is on sale at SGD 548 for 16GB and SGD 828 for the 64GB version.

Many says XiaoMi Pad has no originality and looks every bit another of the cheapo knock-off from Shenzhen. But from what I have seen in the last two years in Shanghai, XiaoMi is different from the test of the pack. In fact having it’s own user interface and same-as-iPad-but-still-looks-great designs really differentiate itself.

Buying a 7 inch-ish tablet now? Look no further than iPad mini, Google Nexus 7 2013 and later in the year, the XiaoMi Pad.

  • 7.9 inch IPS display, Gorilla Glass 3
  • 2048 x 1536 resolution, 326 pixels per inch
  • Nvidia Tegra K1 Quad-core 2.2GHz ARM Cortex A-15 processor (CPU)
  • 192 Nvdia Cuda cores (GPU)
  • 2GB DDR3 ram
  • Andriod 4.4.2 Kitkat with XiaoMi’s MIU User Interface
  • Micro SD expansion slot up to 128 GB
  • Wireless AC Dual Band
  • Sony 8 megapixel (Rear Camera) F2.0 and 5 megapixel (front camera) with 1080p recording
  • 6700mAh battery
  • 202.1 x 135.4 x 8.5mm
Engadget Chinese report:
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