Acer ICONIA Tab A500: 5 mins with the Acer Tablet

[HANDS-ON] Pop by Harvey Norman today and saw the Acer ICONIA Tab A500! Check out my first post on Acer ICONIA Tab for more information and specifications (link).

My overall 5 mins experience is really good, surprisingly good in fact. Even my friend whom was with burped “slick” when he saw this very new product from Acer. I guess the fine build quality, a conventional design and a bright, sharp and wide viewing angle display screen should please most people on the first sight.

It wasn’t heavy too. Especially when I consider the weight of the 1st generation iPad which I pick up almost everyday. But it does feels thicker and rounder. My thought revolve along the line of the Acer ICONIA Tab less like a regular ebook reader than the iPad.

But the highlight for me is Honeycomb, Android 3.0. It is fast, responsive and modern. Makes the Android 2.X versions’ interface look like beta product. It remains to be tested if the words “fast” and “responsive” holds in the long run though.

On a last note, Acer ICONIA Tab looks extremely capable and solid. A definite alternative to iPad base on my 5 minutes with it.  But will it sell? A S$799 price tag do put this question in doubt.

Bumper: When I tried to play the game “Super Jump 2”. It just dawns on me that like iPhone and iPad, not all the apps in the Android Marketplace are scaled for the screen size of smartphones (less than or about 4”) and tablets (more than 7”)

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