macally BookStand: A Stylish iPad Casing

[Gadget Accessory] Gadget covers and skins are like clothing these days. You buy them to dress up your gadget such that they can keep up with your looks.

Correction, I think I am just refering to owners of all the “i” products (ie. Apple products). You gotta admit that isn’t it? Other gadgets owners hardly find “clothing” for their babies in Singapore.

So for me, from the sea of iPad casings, I have chosen macally BookStand for my iPad.

Essentially, the macally BookStand checks all my requirement for a iPad Casing.

  1. Retains the slickness of the iPad.
  2. Puts the iPad in a positions to allow a more comfortable typing experience
  3. Puts the iPad in a positions to allow a better movie watching experience
  4. Protects the iPad (to a certain degree)
  5. Is pretty

After 2 months of usage, it still looks good and still checks all the boxes. Cool stuff. This cool product is retailing at S$79.90 when I bought, and the last time I checked, it still is.

One for your iPad too?

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