[New Gadget] Mirrorless shooters are gaining popularity like KOI bubble tea. Well that’s probably a little exaggerating, but in truth mirrorless cameras are well like by amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

A combination of SLR-quality shots and compact physical size makes the NX10 a huge success. And Samsung is following up the success with NX11. Add a sub-S$1000 price tag, this is a winner.

The biggest feature among the upgrades from NX10 will be the famous intelligent i-Function lens. What the i-Function lens offer is the ability to access and adjust all manual settings with its lens ring. Very different from the traditional SLR. NX10 does not comes with the i-Function lens so Samsung is packing in it in with NX11.

And this is probably the only major upgrade. That is probably a good move, improving on a successful product.

Samsung NX11 has launched in the States now and we will be looking forward to the Singapore launch.

Source - dpreview

[GADGET UPDATE] Since last month, SingTelshop.com quietly put up a relatively unusual phone up for sale. Not the Samsung Galaxy Tab as you would imagine as a unusual phone but the ZTE S202. Yep, the phone built to for the elderly with huge buttons and on-screen fonts and the direct emergency call dial.

The emergency dial sends an message alert to the pre-stored numbers on the phone.

And the following as well:

  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • LED Lamp
  • Dimension: 108 x 49.5 x 15.1mm
  • Weight: 82g

For peanuts and a 2 year plan, you give the elderly in family a potential life-saver in the S202. But if I recall correctly, S202 is previously on sale for less than S$200. The average discount amount off the handset when you sign a two year telco contract. Food for thought?

In any case, the manufacturer has make it a point to add in some entertainment features for good measure in the likes of FM Radio and music playback. And oh, ZTE is a Chinese manufacturer that also include Android phones as part of their product line-up. Well which Chinese electronics manufacturer doesn’t?

Just before you brush ZTE off as another China’s company, take note of the following (They are not the ordinary!):

  • ZTE Corporation is a leading global provider of telecom equipment and networking solutions operating in more than 140 countries, servicing 59 of the world’s top 100 telecom operators.
  • Founded in 1985, ZTE is China’s largest listed telecom equipment company and trades on both the Shenzhen (A share: 000063.SZ) and Hong Kong (H share: 0763.HK) stock exchanges.
  • In terms of CDMA product shipments, it secured the No.1 global position four years in a row, and was ranked second in the world when it came to the shipment of fixed network broadband access products.

Link – ZTE S202 Official Web

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