[NEW GADGET] You got a 26” LCD monitor. As well as a 40” LED TV. And you thought you got enough devices to display moving motion. Well, add a projector to your collection.

One with 1 million : 1 contrast! How about that?

Check out the press release below for more information about these latest projectors from Epson.



Dear Editor,



Singapore, November 2010 – Epson, a world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions and the top projector maker of the decade(1), has launched its newest range of high-end home entertainment projectors, the Epson EH-R1000 and the Epson EH-R4000, which can achieve a record-breaking dynamic contrast ration of up to 1,000,000:1(2). This feat is made possible with the world’s first 3LCD Reflective Panel Technology, the latest technological breakthrough by Epson.

Epson’s exclusive 3LCD Reflective Panel Technology builds on the established 3LCD system and produces even deeper blacks and brighter whites while giving richness to the colours, making them lush and life-like across the spectrum for the ultimate viewing experience. The breakthrough technology allows for ultra-fast response time that is capable of rendering even the fastest of moving images smoothly, thus reducing blur.

The Epson EH-R1000 and EH-R4000, also incorporated with the new Ultra-Smooth Auto Iris, improved Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) Vida Processor, Refined Frame Interpolation and Super-Resolution Technologies, promise all users an unrivalled projection quality and a true cinematic experience in the comfort of their own homes. 

“As the top projector maker in the world, Epson is constantly at the forefront of innovation. With our new Epson 3LCD Reflective Panel Technology, we have once again raised the bar for the home projection market by achieving the world’s first and highest contrast ratio of one million to one with our EH-R4000,” said Ms Tan May Lin, General Manager of Epson Singapore. “I am confident that we have delivered a strong product that brings dramatic new viewing experiences to our consumers.”

The Epson EH-R1000 and EH-R4000 retail at SGD$6999 and SGD$9999 respectively, and will be available at all authorised distributors from February 2011.

Key “Contrast Ratio Boosting” Features

New 3LCD Reflective Technology – Standard projectors that employ transmissive LCD optical systems have limitations in reproducing deep blacks that are needed to heighten contrast. Epson’s new 3LCD Reflective Panel System effectively solves this problem by using reflective HTPS (High Temperature Poly-Silicon) panels to reduce and correct variation of polarisation, preventing light leakage and vastly improving image contrast.

3LCD System with Transmissive LCD

Variation of polarisation occurs when light is transmitted through liquid crystal panels. These variations are hard to correct and sometimes cause light leakage.

3LCD Reflective Panel System

Light reflection reduces and corrects variation of polarisation. This enables rich, deep blacks.

DEEPBLACK Technology With this technology, the projectors can regulate image contrast and brightness – white scenes can be deliberately brightened while dark scenes can be richly deepened, creating a dynamic colour contrast.

New Ultra Smooth Auto Iris – The improved auto iris found in the Epson EH-R1000 and EH-R4000 uses a newly designed motor and iris that speed up response, adjusting the aperture to provide optimum contrast and brightness for each scene. The result is a crisp and clear portrayal of bright scenes, while dark scenes retain all the details of the original movie.

A combination of these three technologies enables Epson to achieve the phenomenal contrast ratios of up to 1,000,000:1.

Key “Image Quality Boosting” Features

Improved HQV Vida Processor - The projectors also boast the new, top-of-the-line, Vida image processor from motion image processing experts, Hollywood Quality Video (HQV). This latest video processor enables the projectors to deliver the best Full HD images available, ensuring that every detail is perfectly resolved, even in dark scenes.

Refined Frame Interpolation Technology - Frame interpolation technology inserts new frames between original frames. As a result, blurring effects are suppressed and motion pictures look much smoother and sharper.

Super-Resolution Technology Super resolution technology automatically detects blurred sections of an image and uses a mixed colour separation process to achieve sharper and refined image quality in full High Definition projection.

Key “User Experience Improvement” Features

Lens Shift and Position Memory Feature - With a motorised zoom and lens with the widest shift range in their class, setup of the projectors is easy and flexible. In addition, users can calibrate and store up to three settings in the projector memory, including the zoom and focus positions for various movie genres to enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience.

Anamorphic Lens – Movie enthusiasts can now enjoy their shows without “letterbox” bars at the top and bottom of the screen because the EH-R1000 / EH-R4000 support anamorphic lenses which are fully motorised and remote-controlled to convert typical 16:9 format to 2.40:1 cinemascope widescreen.

Bright Projection – Equipped with small and highly luminescent E-TORL lamps, both projectors can deliver high light output and colour light output of 1,200 lumens (lm), allowing users to enjoy bright projections on large screens (up to 300 inches) without worrying about ambient lighting.

HDMI Link - The Epson EH-R1000 and EH-R4000 can operate other equipment such as Blu-ray players from the projector remote control once they are connected using a HDMI cable. They also feature trigger-out functions to power equipment such as electronic screens for the true home cinema devotee. This enables control of a whole cinema room from just one remote control.

Stylish design – Sporting a super-compact design, the Epson EB-R1000 is available in white while the EH-R4000 comes in an elegant matte black finish that prevents light from reflecting off the projector surface, reducing distractions when viewing.

Key Specifications

Epson EH-R1000

Epson EH-R4000

Projection Technology

3LCD Reflective Panel Technology


1920 X 1080 (Full HD)

Contrast ratio

500,000:1 (auto iris on)

25,000:1 (auto iris off / native)

1,000,000:1 (auto iris on)

40,000:1 (auto iris off / native)


1,200 lm

Lens Shift Range

Vertical: -90.0% to +90.0% (H Center, Powered)

Horizontal: 40.0% to +40.0% (V Centre, Powered)

Screen Size

30 to 300 inch

Projected Distance

0.83 to 18.19m

HDMI Input

2 HDMI with HDMI link

Supplied Accessories

Power Cable (3.0m)

Remote Control (1.8m, HD15 / HD15)

Battery (with AA type alkaline batteries x 2)

HDMI Cable Clamp x 2

User's Manual Set

For more information and high-resolution product images, please visit the Epson Media Centre athttp://www.epson.com.sg/mediacentre


(1) Based on independent research by FutureSource Consulting, Epson is the world’s top projector maker for the past decade (2000 to 2009) with a 16.1% global market share. Epson has also held the number 1 position for the last nine consecutive years.

(2) Epson EH-R4000 can achieve a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1; Epson EH-R1000 can achieve a dynamic contrast ratio of 500,000:1.


About Epson

Epson is a global imaging and innovation leader that is dedicated to exceeding the vision of customers worldwide through its compact, energy-saving, high-precision technologies, with a product lineup ranging from printers and 3LCD projectors for business and the home, to electronic and crystal devices. Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the Epson Group comprises over 70,000 employees in 106 companies around the world, and is proud of its ongoing contributions to the global environment and the communities in which it operates. http://global.epson.com/

About Epson South Asia & Southeast Asia

Since 1982, Epson has developed a strong presence across major markets in South and Southeast Asia. Led by the regional headquarters, Epson Singapore Pte Ltd., Epson South Asia and Southeast Asia spans an extensive network of 18 countries and is responsible for delivering and supporting Epson’s cutting-edge consumer and business digital imaging products to the customers of these markets through its comprehensive infrastructure of 427 service outlets, 4 Epson solution centres, 10 manufacturing facilities and 1 R&D centre.http://www.epson.com.sg

About Epson Singapore

Epson is the world's leader in digital imaging solutions. The company’s Singapore operation is also the Regional Headquarters of Seiko Epson Corporation. The company markets and supports Epson printers, scanners, projectors, electronic devices including liquid crystal displays, semiconductors and system devices in South East and South Asia. For more details, please visit www.epson.com.sg

[Mobile App] In my opinion, the best app to keep track of your stocks prices and keep up with the news. Check out my quick introduction to the Bloomberg Mobile App.
This video is also found on the LG Ambassodor Facebook Page. Vote for me and stand a chance to win the LG Optimus One! – Link

[Gadget Update] The guys at SingTel has finally been authorized to tell the wallet-ready Singaporeans how much to pay for the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab. And we got the press release right in our mail box but surely all you want to see is the prices.

It seems that SingTel has also arranged a post-launch party for Samsung Galaxy Tab. Hey wait, is there one for iPad as well? The tickets are only limited to the first 150 Galaxy Tab owners that I guess, subscribe to SingTel’s data plan.

Are the prices what are you expecting previously? For me, the subsidized prices look just about on the side of being called “expensive”. But if you are going to bring it out every single day and you know, surf the internet and watch a few hours of “Ai” maybe, then it is probably worth it. After all a tablet can be fully utilize with the internet connection.

Anyone getting one soon? The SingTel Galaxy Tab micro site is currently close for registration but they should be back soon ready for your cash.

SingTel Shop – Samsung Galaxy Tab

[Mobile App] There are as many Android users in Singapore as cheap food at Orchard road. So I didn’t manage to ask more people on this one. But if you are having a problem using Google Goggles on your Android phone, particularly having a green image instead of the image taken, here is a backward solution.
Uninstall the latest Google Goggles 1.1.4 on the Android Market and try to google for version 1.0’s apk.
You will lose some features such as crop but at least it is working until the Goggle engineers fix it right?
What is Google Goggles you asked? Use a GPS device (aka your phone) and check that your current location does not read “MARS”.
Google Goggles is an App that allows user to take pictures of any object and search for information with regards to the object on the Internet. For instance, take a photo of the Nutella jam bottle with Google Goggles. It will return information such as what is Nutella jam and relevant company information. Works like a business card reader actually.

It is not going to recongise every objects you take, for instance taking a picture of your armpit hair will not return results such as Tan Ah Gao’s armpit hair. But still if it can return Nutella, I think it is quite impressive.
In case you are interested, the App is available on both iPhone and Android phones for FREE.

[NEW GADGET] I haven’t seen a more comprehensive Samsung Galaxy Tab video than this one. You caught me. Yes, I get a few cents when you click once but seriously, if you can’t tell the differences between a Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, you gotta watch this one!

The Galaxy Tab will appear like a complete tablet with Samsung (you just have to give credit where it is due) inputting some custom Apps that ensure the consumers will not be stuck with a version of the Google’s OS in which Google thinks is not ready for tablets yet.

Engadget got a review already. Must read if you intend to get one on the 13th this month.

The highlight in their review has got to be the flash support. Does Android 2.2 really guarantee full flash support in a usable way? Maybe not, here the link – Engadget Review.

But again I just have to ask, why would you want tablet? And in this case, one that you can make a phone call which of course is why we use this thing call mobile phone.

My friends call the Apple iPad a “want”. I think the Galaxy Tab is a “Want” too. Which one would you WANT more?


[NEW GADGET] Cradle seems to be a rather popular accessory for devices these days. Even the super big iPad has got one so she does not have to lie flat on the table. So do the latest Andorid phone from LG, the Optimus One.

The dock is worth S$68 according to the LG Singapore Facebook page. Check out LG Singapore Facebook page for more information.

In case you are looking to get the Optimus One, here is a chance to win one. Become a fan of the LG Mobile Asia Facebook page. And there will be a winner every Friday.

Link – LG Challenge
Link – LG Singapore Facebook 
Link – LG Optimus One review on TSGTS

[NEW GADGET] At a very recent Dell’s media event to introduce it’s refreshment of it’s Alienware, Inspiron, XPS notebooks and desktops, we were given a sneak preview of something else that overshadow the computers at the event. What else other than the Dell Venue Pro, the US manufacturer’s device running on the brand new Windows Phone 7 OS.

We actually spotted the phone with the Microsoft guys instead of the Dell guys for some reasons. And they are more than willing to let the media people toy around with the phone that is not official on sale in Singapore at the moment.

Despite knowing before hand that the Venue Pro is a huge phone, I was still quite taken aback by the sheer size. Mainly the thickness. But it feels extremely comfortable in hand, takes up my entire palm actually.

The Dell Venue Pro is physically daunting for a good reason; so that you can see more on the screen. Besides being a 4” screen, the screen is bright and sharp, just don’t put it beside the iPhone 4. But it is still very very good, don’t worry. 

The keyboard is REALLY the part of the phone that I am most interested in. In the current line-up of Windows Phone 7 phones, only this comes with a portrait keyboard, something I have wanted since Dinosaur Age. So far only Palm Pre has been produced in the kind of form factor.

Dell Venue Pro’s keyboard is certainly broad, no problem even for people with Incredible Hulk’s thumbs. I find myself exerting a little more strength that I thought is necessary to type. The tactile feedback is not exactly I will rate as “good”. Maybe the final retail set will be better.

We didn’t have time to go in-depth into other areas but the Dell guys told us that the phone is coming really soon to our shores. And telcos tie-ups should be the case.

Looking back, Dell Venue Pro seems quite made for guys, the size and the design are screaming “MAN” in all directions. The only issue I guess will be a problem even for guys is probably the thickness.

[NEW GADGET] Finally, Samsung Galaxy Tab is set to make a red carpet entry to the Singapore market. SingTel once again has grabbed the device with both hands, well they probably bear-hugged the device, adding yet another high profile gadget into their stable first among the local telcos. Not sure about exclusiveness though.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is surely one hell of a super gadget with two extremely superior features that are currently no where to be found in the all-conquering iPad; Multi-tasking and Flash support.  

When is it coming? Soon I hope.

Update: Straits Times reported that the Samsung’s tablet is coming on the Nov 13 in an EXCLUSIVE deal to SingTel.

Check out the Official video – Samsung Site 
Register Interest with SingTel - SingTel Samsung Galaxy Tab

[REVIEW] I asked a LG engineer why the LG Optimus One is called "Optimus" which reminds me of Optimus Prime in Transformers whom is the leader of the Autobots. Meanwhile, the Optimus One is obviously built and priced to be a entry-level Android handset. He said "Optimus" meant "one of the best" in latin.

Then the description seems fitting because LG Optimus One is, for now, the best entry level Android phone you can possibly find among the three telcos in our little red dot. Take SingTel for example, $48 dollars with a 2 year plan, that's a new price level for a Android phone. Cheap phones aren't new but cheap phones with the most updated Android system is something really refreshing. Up till the debut of LG Optimus One, HTC Desire, Huawei Ideos and LG Optimus One are the only three Android 2.2 handsets available in the Singapore market. A serious mismatch isn't it? HTC Desire is price in the range of $500 to $600, a top end Android phone for HTC.

The polish and completeness of Android 2.2 as a smartphone OS makes LG Optimus One a very compelling option as an affordable Android phone. But that's really theory, taking it out for a spin will test the credibility of the LG latest Android handset.

Disclaimer: I have been honoured to be invited to blog as a LG Ambassador for the next 7 weeks. BUT that's not going to deter me from writing an independent review of the phone the best I can.



The Hardware

LG Optimus One is adopts a very traditional touchscreen phone look. Black plastic all round but it look durable enough. The metallic button on the bottom of the phone makes the overall look more sophsicated or a tab too odd, depending on how you look at it. The tactile feel from pressing those buttons felt extremely good though.

The back of the phone spots the camera hole and the Google logo. No flash for the camera.


  • TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors, 320 x 480 pixels, 3.2 inches
  • 113.5 x 59 x 13.3 mm, 129g
  • 170MB Internal Memory, MicroSD Card Slot
  • 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, video VGA@18fps
  • Android OS, v2.2 Froyo
  • 600 MHz processor
  • Standard battery, Li-Ion 1500 mAh

The display is reasonably good, something you will expect with this sort of price tag. Like nearly all LG's recent release, the display is bright and vibrant. The resolution of 320 x 240 is certainly less sharp than the top end competitors but again you just have to look at the price tag to understand why.

The touch responsiveness is probably just about fast except on a few occasion the corners of the screen isn't as responsive as I would have like. Consequently, typing on the LG Optimus One with it’s default keyboard is not that all smooth like most Android phones. However, installing “Smart Keyboard” from the Android application store improves the typing experience tremendously though.

Packing Content:

  • USB Charger and Cable
  • Earpiece
  • Manual



The Software

Android 2.2 is the most important part of the package. I have used phones with Android virant of 1.6 and 2.1. But 2.2 is on a different planet. It's like putting a Ferrari engine in a Toyota. Froyo gives LG Optimus One a classier feel when using the phone especially the speed.

LG Optimus One packs in a 600 MHz processor but in no way does it feel laggy. Very impressive given that I have used Android phones of faster proccessors and they are not as speedy.

Froyo still look very much like Eclair except there are two very important features upgrade; Wireless Tethering and Installation of Apps on the MicroSD card. And you might want to know that most phones in the market do not have these features right out of the box.

Wireless Tethering is incredible useful if you do not have mobile broadband subscription. It allows the phone to act as a wireless router and thus you can share the data capacity on your phone data plan instead of subscribing to another data plan for your notebook. Very neat but you can expect the feature to drain the battery life really quickly.

Installation of Apps to the MicroSD card is a long awaited, terribly needed and almost the one feature to pull Android closer to being a complete smartphone operating system. Users of Android 1.6 and 2.1 had to install the Apps to the internal storage which is usually about 500mb to be shared with other applications already on the phone.

LG has also installed several custom Apps in the Optimus One. There is the App Advisor which as it’s name implies, tells you what is good to install in the Android Market. Well, Android Market is indeed one place where some policing is required. Since there is no restriction or review on any App prior to it’s appearance on the market, any Apps can get on it, even those that are tried to perform illegal activities on your phone. So in that sense, you get some help from the App Advisor though the Advisor does not keep really approve a lot of Apps.

Other apps includes some Ndrive, a navigation app and LG Bookmark widget which give you one click access to webpages. And top on of these, the ThinkFree Office app; not just a reader but also an editor! Here is the best part: The App costs S$19.44 on the app store.


Wrapping Up…

LG Optimus One really excel in the areas of pricing and software. But it is not just them, LG Optimus One also boast a pretty strong battery life as an Android device. It’s 1500 mAh battery and a smaller 3.2” display should have helped a lot in this area.

Call quality is good on the phone as per most other phones these days. Camera’s performance is average on the other hand, with a 3 Megapixel camera, I find the images to be a little less vibrant.

In short, LG Optimus One is one phone that presents the most compelling case for a budget Android phone in the market at the moment. Updated Android OS, better than average battery life and a productivity suite pre-installed are all in the Optimus One already.  

At the end of the day, I think if you have bags of moolah to spend, LG Optimus One might not be the top end device that you eye but if you are not in that group, then think about it. It may just be a very good purchase. Even better than Global Logistic Properties IPO.

Link - LG Life's Good Challenge (Vote for me and win a LG Optimus One!)

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