Preview the next-gen of genius by Intel: It’s not just the processors (Part 2)

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AppUp Center   

Next up, we were shown the evolution of the computer chips and just how tiny the Intel Atom chip is. And then, the engineers move on talk about the objective of the Intel AppUp concept. The idea really is to recreate the experience of installing applications in Windows PC. A direct reference will be to that of the mobile operating systems.

So as the story goes, there are free and paid applications at the center. User will access the market via client for AppUp. And therefore, applications that are suitable for your operating system and as a result, you can be assured (one way or another) that the application is designed to work superbly on your PC.

AppUp Center’s slogan is “Your Source for Netbook app” and for now, you can find support for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Moblin (Linux Distro). For me, this concept is a right move for Intel and help Microsoft in a big way.

The experience for Windows Users have not drastically changed over the years. Users still need to access to download the installation file by knowing the details of the operating system and specifications of the PC. While geeks enjoys such a way of application installation, for many normal users out there, the process is deem too complicated. The process should be really be streamlined down to something similar to what we have on the mobile phones.     

AppUp Center is still in Beta but you can already grab it now.

Link – Intel AppUp Center

Intel Atom

In other moments of the session, we were given a sample of Intel Atom in most netbooks these days. It’s pretty cool to see those chips in real life. As everyone knows, Intel Atom will be at the central of tablets and netbooks going forward in the future. And as we speak dual core Intel Atom chips are already in some netbooks.

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