Preview the next-gen of genius by Intel: It’s not just the processors (Part 1)

[EVENT REPORT] There is no question that the speed of the processors these days is improving as fast as Theo Walcott running on the pitch. As we have witnessed, the Core i series have improved the performance of computers tremendously but Intel knew they have to do more than just producing processors to improve their products. So this exclusive Intel event showcased plenty of non-processor’s technology.

Victor and I got a glimpse of exactly what Intel will bring to the table of notebooks and desktops in 6 to 12 months time as well as some technology that may take far longer than that. It was a very informal session with the American engineers from Intel (in picture) with just a small group of bloggers but it is far more informative and comfortable than some of the past events that I have been to.

The session is made up of a few technology that Intel specifically intended to showcase. They are:

  • Solid State Drive (no, Intel is not producing them, don’t get shock Intel is absolutely producing them! For a while already!)
  • Intel Wireless Display (very very impressive yet believable)
  • Intel Atom and AppUp (netbooks)  

The Intel guys also showed us a couple of other stuff they don’t specifically intend to showcase. They are:

  • An unidentified notebook with 3 external LCDs display
  • MeeGo OS on MSI Wind
  • Unidentified Ultra Thin Acer notebook

So the event is set to very informative but there is problem, I had to travel light that day and hence I was at the event without a proper camera. All Victor and I have are a Motorola Dext and the iPhone 3GS. That’s why the images are so poor. Anyhow, the images maybe poor, but we brought back great information!

Solid State Drive

In essential, Intel believes the notion of Solid State Drive offsetting the improvement that more memory (ie. RAM) offers. That’s to say that you are better off using SSD then HDD. SSD will offer the storage as HDD does and at the same time improvement the performance of your computer. Another less-known argument is that applications actually have to be programmed to take advantage of the additional RAMs installed on the computer and hence, again SSD does not required any.

Other advantage that SSD offer includes better data failure protection as when SSD failure occurs, the SSD remains read-only instead of complete failure.

But for me, and other average consumers, the question is going to be if the price of SSD will lower. Well, the Intel Engineers are confident of that.

Intel Wireless Display

The next thing that they showed us is the Intel Wireless Display. I have seen it a couple of times on video before the engineers show us live and there in the room. Essentially, the technology allows you to pipe the images (720p!) on your notebook wirelessly to your TV with the help of a small receiver. 720p is impressive but it is more impressive to see it live in action. The receiver will be manufactured by third parties but a notebook equip with the Intel Wireless Display technology will be able to work with the receiver right out of the box.

In my opinion, this is going to be very attractive to a particular group of consumers; people who watch movies on their TV via notebook. No more VGA cables.

Sure, it look like a game changer. Another feature that beats MacBook hands down.

to be continue…

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