Microsoft Kin Goes Into History

[COMMENTARY] It is previously reported that Microsoft Kin will not be arriving in Singapore. Now, it is official that there are NO WAY that those two devices will make it to Singapore. Because it is murdered in the US and plans to launch in Europe has been cancelled as well. There are some highlights to this major move by Microsoft just months after they made a big announcement to release Kin. This resembles Windows 7 replacement of Vista eh? Microsoft releasing something that they are not fully convinced to follow through and persist with it.

  • Only 500 sets were sold – Link
  • 2 days before the set is sold, Verizon (US Telco) dropped Kin prices dramatically from $49.99 to $29.99 for Kin One and from $99.99 to $49.99 for Kin Two
  • Millions of dollars spent on the Kin project
  • Microsoft Kin development team will be rolled into the Windows Phone 7 team

As usual, Engadget delivered a brilliant piece on the whole fiasco.

Image Source: Link
Source: Gizmodo

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