Microsoft Kin: Not in Singapore? Are we missing anything?

NEW GADGET: Who would like that Microsoft, a software computing giant and a company whom have announced a mobile operating platform intended to compete with the iPhone OS, would release a essentially what you call a feature phone. In other words, there will not be any third-party support on the phones, meaning NO APPLICATIONS download.

As things go, Microsoft named the phones, Kin One and Kin Two and the major theme of these phones, produced by Sharp, is, guess what, Social Networking. Other features are pretty standard stuff and the differences between the two besides the form factor is its camera, 5 and 8 MP and internal storage, 4 and 8 GB respectively.

Anyway, looks like they are not in Singapore anytime soon, so why bother. Besides, from what I can see, Singaporeans are after games on the mobile phones, so no Applications, no Talk.

And I still have no freaking idea why did Microsoft did these instead of allowing consumers to focus on their Windows 7 mobile system to be release later in the year.   

Source of Kin not in Asia: PCWorld
Source: Engadget

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