Buy a Mac get a iPod Touch Campaign is back!

[PROMOTION] July last year, Apple made the exact same offer. And it’s back. What a time to buy a Mac if you belong to the same category as mention by Apple. Besides getting a brand new iPod Touch, you will also get the usual education discount which will differ base on the product you want to get. For instance, you get S$100 off buying the iMac (lowest end).

If you are a University, Polytechnic, Junior College or Institute of Technical Education student, or a teacher, administrator, staff member of any grade level, you qualify for special pricing on Apple computers, software, and selected third party products.

I wonder if Apple will give out the newer version of the iPod Touch that they might be releasing next month WWDC. I mean if could potential come with a 2MP camera and better specifications. If you are not seriously in need of a iPod Touch, maybe you would like to wait and see what happens.

Promotion begins today, May 26 through to September 7, 2010.  

Link – Apple Singapore Education Store

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