[COMMENTARY] If you are an Android phone owner, you will not be unfamiliar with AdMob. It is the company that provides in-application advertisement on Android phones. It is like the AdSense on the Internet on Android.

So the story is that a report from AdMob measures the amount of advertisement traffic sent from different smartphones in March 2010. The traffic here meant the number of impression received by the AdMob server during the month. And the winner quoted in the report is … …

The Motorola Droid! With 32% of the traffic!

Before you go away thinking that there are more Motorola Droid phones out there in Singapore or the World, you should also consider other possibilities. For instance, since this measurement is based on advertisement in the applications, it is entirely possible that Motorola Droid owners use the applications more often. Or owners of other handsets are more likely to buy paid-apps (thus without ads). Yeah yeah… I know its pretty remote for the latter.

The report quoted HTC Hero (19% of the traffic) finishing second follow by HTC Dream and HTC Magic tied for third. Motorola Cliq (known as Motorola Dext) is fourth, and other mentions includes Samsung Moment, Behold 2 and Google Nexus One.

While the news is pretty interesting, I think it pretty much reflect the market in the US. Simply because of big population and maybe because Americans are a much more matured Android market.

The Motorla Droid is of course known as the Motorola Milestone in Singapore. And by the way, Android users cannot buy paid-applications in Singapore. Not that you are missing anything, because there really isn’t much to buy.

Link - PCWorld

[REVIEW] It is not so often that I find such quality product at such low price. Before you suspect that I am trying to sell you something, I am NOT! And if you are an iPhone or iPod Touch owner, you would have seen this casing before in the Apple shops and you would have notice that all the casings in those shops are from SGD$40 onwards. 

But my sister bought this casing at a cool SGD$6! In case you are wondering why the big difference in the price of the case when you buy it at the shops, I think this casing is actually a copy or OEM right out of the factory. Hit the link below to buy it.

The thing about this casing is that the quality of the plastic is actually quite good and feels brilliant in hand. I mean that is outstanding given the price of the case is SGD$6. In fact, I am very amazed by the buttons parts of the case. It makes pressing the volume buttons a much more pleasant experience, because it seems that I can press them with lesser strength. So is the power/sleep button on the top.

Also check out the button that you use most often on the device. On the casing, they have put on an even bigger button. And guess what? It feels terrific to press it.

Maybe I just overstating everything. Or am I?  

I am not a big fan of buying casing for devices because I enjoy using the devices as they are designed. That is the reason why designers design them right? But for devices such as the iPod Touch you have to have one. Otherwise the device gets scratched as easy as seeing an iPhone on the MRT.

Link – To buy this product online

More pictures of the casing after the break.

[GADGET UPDATE] The only Android phone from Samsung has been given an upgrade to Android’s latest version of 2.1 codenamed Eclair. The other handsets with Eclair are the NEXUS One, HTC Legend and Motorola Droid.

Here are some improvements for Galaxy Spica that Samsung have announced with Android 2.1:

  • Bluetooth version 2.1 (Supports file transfer)
  • Camera: Autofocus, digital zoom, scene mode and white balance
  • Voice activated search via Google and Voice Recorder
  • New TouchWiz Home Screen supporting up to 9 home screens (Samsung’s operating system is called TouchWiz

So does this update put Galaxy Spica up there as a strong Android phone to compete with the vastly popular Motorola Droid or HTC Legend? I think it is hardly the case for Samsung. I think the overall package is probably lacking, for example the less than inspiring design and quiet introduction to the local market. Both the Droid and Legend were eagerly anticipated prior to their launch for different reasons.

  Samsung Galaxy Spica Motorola Droid
OS Android 2.1 Android 2.1
CPU 800 Mhz 600 Mhz
Size 124g / 115 x 57 x 13.2mm 165g / 115.8 x 60 x 13.7 mm
Display 3.2" TFT Capacitive Touch Screen, 16m Colours 3.7" TFT Capacitive Touch Screen, 16m Colours
Memory 180MB Internal / MicroSD Slot 133MB Internal / MicroSD Slot / 256MB Ram
Connectivity WLAN / HSDPA / Bluetooth 2.1 WLAN / HSDPA / Bluetooth 2.1
Camera 3.2MP Autofocus (Geo-tagging) 5MP Autofocus, LED Flash
Battery Li-Ion 1500 mAh Li-Ion 1400 mAh
Other features - A-GPS
- 3.5mm audio jack
- 3.5mm audio jack

NEW GADGET: It is just been two months since we were invited to a DELL event and today, there is another press release to inform the world; Dell has yet again revise their Inspiron series and called it the ‘R’ Series this time!

After a quick run through, I gathered a few highlights that you might want to know:

  • The Inspiron is Dell’s “general purpose” laptop series.
  • Inspiron ‘R’ series gives the Inspiron series something like a refresh of the specifications, mainly the processors (icore now) and graphics cards
  • There are two new bundle software: Dell Dock and DataSafeOnline, in short sharing of media in a fast and secured manner (whether you agree or not is another matter!)

If you are confused with all the models of laptops in the market and often say to yourself: “Why don’t the manufacturers just come out with a few standards models for consumers to choose from?”, you are not alone.

Of course there are fundamental reasons why there are so many models of laptops from each manufacturer, with model number such as A132439843BSEKJDE, are: One, consumers always need more choices, more models means more sales!. And two, so that their local retailers can customize the various hardware specifications to each area.

Hit the banner below to buy it online.

click here



Dell Makes Entertainment Easier and Better Looking with New Inspiron R Laptops

Sleek and powerful, the new Dell Inspiron R allows for simple and effortless sharing of photos and videos

SINGAPORE, MARCH 27, 2010 – Pre-loaded with easy-to-use software such as Dell Dock and DataSafeOnline, the Inspiron R is a great choice for anyone who wants to easily access personal files and securely share photos and videos wirelessly. It is also the ideal mobile personal entertainment hub, offering smooth video playback, surround sound and a built-in Webcam.

Wrapped in curvy edges, smooth lines and four unique brushed metal finishes with chrome accents, the Inspiron R laptops are as beautifully designed as they are useful. Available in three display sizes from 13- and 14-inch models that fit perfectly in a messenger bag to home and a dorm room-friendly 15-inch version, the Inspiron R boasts a contemporary and sleek appearance that will make anyone feel good about bringing it out in the classroom or the local coffee shop.

For those who choose the optional Intel Wireless Display feature, the Inspiron R makes it easy to view movies, photos and surf the Web on a HDTV without the need for cables.

“The Inspiron R takes the rock solid Inspiron line and amps up the cool factor with a sexy and practical machine for gaming, entertainment, and social networking along with all the usual home, school and work functions. Aside from the great new look, the Inspiron R makes it easy to access media and puts your most commonly used apps right up top with the Dell Dock feature,” said Walt Mayo, Vice President and General Manager, Dell Consumer Asia. “Photos, videos and personal files can also be securely stored and shared with DataSafeOnline for peace of mind right out of the box. This is a laptop that moms will love and youths will desire.”

Designed to stand up to the rigors of active children, students, commuters and travelers, Inspiron R models also add smudge-resistant palm rests, a full-size, ergonomically-designed keyboard and a stiffer frame for a solid, quality feel while available Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors and optional ATI graphics ensure great performance today and tomorrow.

Prices begin at S$1,099 for Inspiron 13R and 14R, and S$1,199 for Inspiron 15R at the Dell website and authorized retailers.

Common Technical Highlights for the Inspiron 13R, 14R and 15R:

· Intel Core i3 and i5 mobile processor options for outstanding everyday performance with Microsoft Windows 7

· Choice of models offering bright 13-, 14-, 15-inch displays, with high definition (HD) resolution offered on all systems

· Choice of optional colors on select models : Obsidian Black, Peacock Blue, Tomato Red and Lotus Pink

· Built-in wireless connectivity

· Optional Intel Wireless Display that allows for a cable-free connection to most HDTVs when paired with a separate third party Intel Wireless Display TV adapter

· SRS Premium Sound provides an excellent stereo surround soundstage

· Built-in media card readers speed up transferring photo and video files.

· Up to 1GB ATI graphics provide realistic video effects

· Up to 640GB hard disk drives on select models for storing large photos, music and video collections

· Up to 8GB DDR3 memory performs tasks faster than prior-gen DDR2 memory

· Built-in Webcam enables Web chats on the go.

· Touchpad with integrated scrolling and gestures makes using the laptop so much more intuitive and simple

· Dedicated 10-key number pad on the 15-inch system that gives gamers additional keys for more shortcuts

· Dell Dock organizes your media and puts your most commonly-used apps right up top

· DataSafeOnline data backup & recovery keeps your data & memories secure outside of your system

· DataSafeLocal, a secure, simple and reliable way to create backup copies of the factory image



Inspiron 13R

Inspiron 14R

Inspiron 15R

About Dell

Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to its customers and uses that insight to make technology simpler and create innovative solutions that simplify daily activities and help people stay, entertained, connected and in touch. Learn more at www.dell.com.sg.

Not that 6700 Slide is a new phone, but a RED 6700 Slide is pretty interesting. I mean the dominance of iPhone meant that phones in the hands of Singaporean are usually Black or White (not the external casing).

Nokia offers very good range of feature phones. (ie. Phones that pretty much makes call and SMS and nothing else). And 6700 Slide is one such phone. And at no additional cost with 2 year contract, I say its very suitable for our elders whom does not want a phone with so many complex functions.

Update: 6700 Slide is a Symbian smartphone! A series 60 one. It is actually quite similar to series 40 in terms of the way user navigation around it.


  • TFT 16million colour display
  • 2.5mm jack (oh man!)
  • 45MB internal storage, with MicroSD slot
  • 5MP camera with autofocus and flash
  • Nokia maps

Link – GSM Arena
Link – SingTelShop.com

NEW GADGET: Looks like there is no turning back. I don’t think any other phone manufacturers can compete with iPhone at the moment. But here is the latest try from HTC. HTC Tattoo is like the last phone to come out of the taiwanese manufacturer’s factory. And it is not a high end phone Android phone. The last supposedly high end phone is HTC Hero.  

Cue the HTC Legend. Well you can get all the specifications from the links below. So I shall briefly highlight some points that I think makes the phone unique.

I managed to get some hands-on experience with my friend’s and there aren’t much to say about the phone except that it is really a very complete handset that if you are looking for an Android, you have to consider this phone.

The phone itself is very light, so light that it almost feel weird to hold it. The screen display is excellent, but as like other phones, it might be a little hard to see it properly under the sun. Then there is the optical button on the bottom of the phone, which IMO, duplicate the function of a touch screen display. For example, if you want to slide to the left, you do it on the screen and not moving your finger down to the optical button.

Overall, it really feels like a much better HTC Hero. The HTC Sense does make Android feels more like a consumer phone rather than the stock Android screen. Plus, you get two more application page. And again, the on-screen keyboard is still too narrow and laggy to warrant a good typing experience. Actually, I practically have to go landscape with all Android phones to type.

The specifications are pretty much the set you expect, hit the GSM Arena link to see the complete list. And maybe you want to take note of a speedy processor that is also build into HTC Legend.

Price? It is currently the most expensive Android phone on SingtelShop.com. At S$418, it may still be a little pricey, but again it is worth every penny if you are looking for an Android phone. But if you are looking to play all sorts of games the iPhoners play on their iPhones, you might be a little disappointed with options on the Android market.

I just feel like HTC Legend is one of the best Android phone in the market, maybe Motorola Milestone could be another, but they simply typify the major flaw of the system; the incomparable application market to the iPhone.

Link – GSM Arena Review

NEW GADGET: Who would like that Microsoft, a software computing giant and a company whom have announced a mobile operating platform intended to compete with the iPhone OS, would release a essentially what you call a feature phone. In other words, there will not be any third-party support on the phones, meaning NO APPLICATIONS download.

As things go, Microsoft named the phones, Kin One and Kin Two and the major theme of these phones, produced by Sharp, is, guess what, Social Networking. Other features are pretty standard stuff and the differences between the two besides the form factor is its camera, 5 and 8 MP and internal storage, 4 and 8 GB respectively.

Anyway, looks like they are not in Singapore anytime soon, so why bother. Besides, from what I can see, Singaporeans are after games on the mobile phones, so no Applications, no Talk.

And I still have no freaking idea why did Microsoft did these instead of allowing consumers to focus on their Windows 7 mobile system to be release later in the year.   

Source of Kin not in Asia: PCWorld
Source: Engadget

[COMMENTARY] The moment of truth is not far away. I guess the next 12 months will be a catching-up period for Windows Phone 7. It is not the end, it is only the beginning. In these 365 days, Steve Ballmer and gang will pull out everything they got to make Windows Phone 7 a successful mobile operating system.

You can easily see why. On the day of launch, there are mixed reactions among the crowd. I was at the LG Optimus 7 Launch Event (that is going in a separate post) and I saw the media and tech people. I spoke to friends about it. Here is what I gathered. The enthusiasts are calm
yet hopeful. The manufacturers are excited yet restrained. The consumers are well divided into two camps.

The iPhone, Android and Blackberry camp said “Ah, ok. Windows-based phones are back, cool.
What’s for lunch?”

The others said “Windows Phone! Ok lah, when my contract is up, I have one more choice of OS. Yay! Ok, then what’s for lunch?”

Never mind anyone else. I like it very much. Yes. I meant Windows Phone 7.

I have seen the User Interface time and time again on videos and pictures. But when the historical moment came, I am still pretty much hyped up. Toyed with LG Optimus 7 for several minutes. Then I let the feelings subside. I went back to the phone again. Boy, it is still as refreshing as ever. The UI looks and behave like it is year 2050.

Modern fonts and flying menu. Classy design to go with the huge screen. Topping it off is speed of the device. Quite simply fast.

Taking the physical design of the phone aside, since Windows Phone 7 is essentially what is the gold in the phone, I think some consumers will take time to take to this new OS and some will instantly fall in love WHEN they see it for themselves THAT IS. Microsoft has failed them one time too many for them to believe the media.

Other stuff that are suppose to be there is there. Good display screen. Usable on-screen keyboard (seriously, way better than stock Android’s). Maps. Decent camera.

Before you actually call me a Windows-fan boy and call the police to arrest this mental man on the loose, hear me out. There is one gapping hole and quite serious in actual fact. Where are the apps?

I scrolled through the apps pre-installed on the demo sets, there aren’t many. I saw a couple of RSS readers and Huffington Post. And some other apps that are pretty much made for usage in the States. This is clearly going to be the single most important area Microsoft have to continue their good work so far.

Singaporeans want to play games on our packed-like-sardine SMRT. We want games that are cute. Games that interacts with other users of Windows Phone.

Singaporeans want 4D apps, we need the 4D first time. We want HungryGoWhere and BuUuk to see where to eat. We need SGBus to tell us how many times can we snooze the alarm.

That's right. Whether Steve Ballmer will be laughing or be laughed for his gang's blockbuster of the year depends highly on the Apps store. Now, this is the game of chicken and egg, will the developers try their luck on a new born platform or will the consumers be willing to splash out their moolah for a phone without a good variety of apps?

As of now, you can pre-order your Windows Phone 7 phones with SingTel. With Samsung Omina 7 and LG Optimus 7 priced at S$638 and S$718 respectively with 2 year Telco subscription. Ouch. Isn't Apple iPhone 4 selling in the same price range?

Let wallets of the consumers decide.

First thoughts completely taken out here and my event report for the LG Windows Phone 7 launch will coming right up...

Pre-Order Windows Phone 7 phones with SingTel - Link
For media files, it’s the iPod. For making phone calls, it’s the iPhone. For a bigger screen, it’s the iPad. But is the iPad just another version of the iPod Touch with a bigger screen?

All the good old features we love so much from the iPod Touch and iPhone are there; games, media playback, maps to find your way around town, internet browsing with Safari, e-mail, and finally endless leisure and entertainment available from the app store and iTunes.

So what’s new about the iPad?
  • The iBook store
    Here’s where e-books are conveniently purchased and instantly accessed. With a screen size of 9.7-inch, font size is similar to a real book, bringing ease to the eyes. The flicking of pages with the swipe of a finger is simply cool.
  • Photos
    Albums are shown as stacks, and pinching a stack actually shows a preview of the photos in the album. Cool.
  • iWork
    Finally, a mobile version of the iWork suite. With Numbers, Keynote, and Pages, we can finally get a little bit of work done coupled with that extra bit of mobility.
  • Games and Apps
    Now you can get an enlarged display of all apps and games. Default apps from the iPod Touch have also been redesigned to fully utilize the bigger screen. Expect third party app designers to be redesigning their games and apps specifically for the iPad too.
But… who needs an iPad?
  • You want to be in the forefront of technology and want to try everything, anything cool.
  • You want entertainment and don’t mind carrying a 10 inch device around.
  • You want to attract the attention of the stranger on the next seat while commuting.
  • You want to lose your friends by keeping your attention on fun and games with the super cool tablet (the iPod Touch and iPhone were very close to accomplishing that, just lacked in battery life).
From a personal angle, having an iPad can help to impress anyone you want to, keep you entertained and occupied, neglect friends whom you used to pay more attention on, and give you a reason to buy a new carrying case.

How cool is it to be exact? See and experience with TinkrBox mashup of iPad media content.

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