PRICE WATCH: Blackberry Bold 9000 has gone down from a price of around $298 to the price now of $98 at A quick check at Starhub and M1 shop reveal that this is limited to Too much stock or Blackberry’s sudden urge for market share?

The contradiction is that BB Curve 8590 is selling at S$99. A dollar more than BB Bold 9000. So which is the entry level BB now?

Arguably a magical price point. It is also a move to push BB Bold 9700 to a premium BB handset at S$448.

But I do think that the price will bounce back soon. Because it seems more like SingTel is holding too much BB 9000 stock than an organised marketing plan from BB.

Compact Digital Camera is flooding the entire market and while image quality is probably one of the more important point of comparison, its certainly not one of the popular things that an average consumer look out for when purchasing the product. I think it is because apart from a few models, the rest are quite comparable in terms of image quality. You had to look really closely to tell the difference.

Hence, features and design of the cameras becomes a very important point of differentiation. However, similar to the image quality, most of the cameras have the same type of features. Until lately when Canon IXUS 130 comes with “miniature” mode.

In short, look at the sample image below, the image is taken in a real setting. But after some processing (in-build) the objects in the image shrink. This type of the photo is quite popular lately and is achievable in the past with DSLR. Today it can be done with Canon IXUS 130.

Is there other cameras with the same feature? You bet, if they are not in now, they will in the future.

Link – Micro Web

Acer Liquid is the latest and its only one Android phone. Well, curiously it looks very much like the other two Acer phones in the market that we cover last year. But the biggest talking point is its processor, called Snapdragon, at 768 MHz. Performance is almost guarantee here. Apart from its operating system.

The latest Android version is 2.1 and we are talking about 1.6 here. Check out the videos review of this latest Acer phone.

  • High Definition capacitive 3.5-inch touch screen
  • comes with nemoPlayer - a simple-to-use application to enjoy music, video clips and pictures stored on the phone
  • HSPA
  • Smart integration of Facebook™, Twitter™, Youtube™, Picasa™ and Flickr™ in the address book
  • Qualcomm 8250 768 MHz
  • ROM / RAM: 512 / 256 MB
  • Camera: 5MP, autofocus
  • Video recording: VGA (640 x 480)
  • Wi-Fi, GPS, Micro-Slot and Mini-USB port
  • 3.5mm standard audio jack
  • Accelerometer

And from Andrew who sent us the Media Alert (Thanks!):

“The Liquid retails at S$788 (w/o contract), and will be available at the special price of S$688 (S$100 off) for the first 20 customers daily at the IT Show, to be held at Suntec Singapore from 11-14 March. The Acer Smartphones will be available at Level 6, booth number 6711.”


YouTube; TechnoloShree

YouTube; TechnoloShree
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