Want a VAIO W for yourself? Show Sony how the VAIO W is your best buddy!

From time to time, we get emails from the manufacturers on their latest promotion, contests and products launches. And last week, the “My Buddy, the VAIO W” competition arrives in our mailbox. Refer to our post if you want a little history on the Sony Netbook. (Link)
I am not sure if VAIO W is ever going to be your buddy, but the fact is most people I spoke to want to lay their hands on the one and only model of Sony Netbook. So I reckon if you are creative and loads of free time on your hand, this competition is for you!
Today is the 14th of September, so you got 10 days to do this. Good luck!
The following are words copied and pasted from the mailer. Lazy blogger I am.

Just visit any Sony store listed below and grab a life-sized VAIO W brochure or download it from the VAIO W microsite: (http://www.sony.com.sg/microsite/vaio/products/vaio_w/index.html?cid=VAIO_micro_W:external_page_vaio_w_fb:link).

Once you’ve got your hands on the cool brochure, get your creative juices flowing on how the VAIO W will complement and enhance your lifestyle.
Take a creative photograph of how the VAIO W (represented by the brochure) will be your best buddy wherever you are and whenever – even when you’re bungee jumping, strutting down Orchard road in your fashionista best or lying in bed watching your favourite movies!

The most creative fan photo submission as determined by Sony will walk away with the coveted VAIO W! Check out the album: My Buddy the VAIO W to be inspired!

Contest ends 24 September, 2359hours.
Visit http://www.facebook.com/ilovetheVAIOW to learn more about the VAIO W!

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