Sony Vaio W Series: Pre-order!


Sony Vaio W Series, the Sony first and only netbook series has finally opened Pre-Order in Singapore!

Given Sony’s reputation and research and development’s muscle, it is amazing how Sony has allowed the likes of Asus to dominate the netbook market like nobody’s business. I roughly counted the number of the versions of EEE Series netbook released by Asus till date. Final score:

Asus 15 Sony 1

But all the wait is worth it, if you are a Sony Vaio fan (I really do have friends who are), Sony Vaio W Series looks pretty promising. I mean “looks” literally. That aside, one major talking point about the W Series is also the fact that it has a LCD with a resolution of 1,366 x 768. A resolution that many netbooks does not have due to restriction by Intel (Link). In short, this resolution allows the screen to look slightly bigger on a same 10” netbook.

Other than this, the rest of the specifications are roughly the similar to those of the competitors. Check out the specifications and review by one of my favourite sites, (Link) – Trusted Reviews.

To pre-order, hop down to one of the Sony Stores. I think they have trial sets there as well. Prepare to pay S$899. Not a price point that is over the top, neither is it one of a flea-market.

And oh, you can consider another range of new netbooks by a fellow latecomer, Samsung. Check out our post on them, (Link) – tsgts on Samsung’s netbooks.

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