Samsung Notebooks: The Revenge of the Fallen (Netbook Lineup)

Earlier in the week, Singapore saw the return of the Samsung notebooks and I am among the many who are surprised. One of the little known fact is that Samsung is actually in the local notebooks market as recent as 2006. They dropped out of it following some bad sales. The local notebook market has more than double since. Throughout this time, Samsung has also continue to manufacture and sell notebooks in other part of the world including the US. 

In recent years, Samsung has created a outstanding brand name dozing innovative stylish design. And surely their notebook lineup will be going down the same route, is currently a strength of HP’s notebooks. The new lineup includes two 10” netbooks (N Series) and three 14.1” notebooks (X and R Series). In this post, let’s check out the two notebooks by the Korean brand.

Samsung N120: S$799


Samsung N310: S$899


Wah lao… Gotta say they are not that cheap. Value for money or not depends on actual reviews, which I think there will be quite a few soon, but judging by the specifications alone, these are actually on a high side. N120 is cheaper of the two, by … S$100. With an additional two blue colour notes, you can actually get the following:

  • Much slicker design (My personal opinion lah…)
  • Sony – style keyboard (If you actually tried one before, you will loveeee it… N120’s is 4% larger than N310’s.)
  • A longer battery life (Not by much, maybe 1 hour)
  • A rubber-y external surface

And if you want to save that 2 notes, you will miss the above and get the following:

  • Sub-woofer (nice… entertainment notebook)
  • Slightly lighter

  Samsung N120 Samsung N310 tsgts says…
Colour Black and White Black and Navy Blue  
Processors Intel Atom N280 Intel Atom N280  
Display 10.1” LED 10.1” LED LED is different from LCD and is much brighter and energy saving
Ram 1GB 1GB RAM is cheap, no issue
Network Draft-N and Bluetooth Draft-N and Bluetooth Wooo! Wireless-N, eh… but I only have Wireless-G router leh
Hard Drive 160GB 160GB  
Battery Life 8 hours 9.8 hours  
OS Windows XP Home Windows XP Home  
Weight 1.28 kg

1.35 kg

At the end of the day, these two new fellows are both strong in their respective ways and probably, just about worth their price tag. Both includes features of the new generations of notebooks, longer battery life and wirless-n. Not forgetting 90%+ keyboards. Strong return by Samsung, hell yeah… But… can sell cheaper anot…
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