iPhone/iPod Touch: Setup mail with NTU Webmail (Microsoft Exchange Server)

I have a few friends who didn’t know that iPod Touch actually work very well with Microsoft Exchange Server, Gmail and many other email server or provider.

Its pretty easy to setup for Gmail since its really easy, just key in your email address and password and you are good to go. Its similar for Microsoft Exchange Server except that you need to know which server your account resides on.

So there you go… the configuration.

For email address I erase mine, just in case I got spammed.

For server, this is the one you probably need the most. It is actually the one you use to access NTU’s mailbox.

For domain, its ‘student’ without the ‘/’.

For Username and password, I cant help. LOL.

Description is by default, but you can change i think.

As for the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) switch, it has to be on. Its the security for the mailbox.

And there you go, connected to NTU mailbox and receive spams from the school now!

In case you do not know, there is an auto login for NTU Wifi network. Read this post (link).

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