SG Wireless (iPhone/iPod Touch Application) Review: Everyone needs one!

I reckon that one of the must have applications on the iPod Touch / iPhones of anyone staying in Singapore is surely the “SG Wireless”. But not just because it is FREE!
And what it does is actually very simple, automatic login of the Wireless@SG network. Well it is simple, but sorely lacking in most devices (or should I say all, I have heard of, but I am not sure if it works for our ‘wonderful’ local Wi-fi network.)
Anyway I have it now, and that is what that matters since this application is one of the little things that really please me!
How “SG Wireless” works is this;
1. Give the application your login details for Wireless@SG Network. (Oh yes! it does have the function to auto-login for NUS and NTU Wi-fi Network! I will test it soon and revert.)

2.Switch on Wi-fi on the iPhone/iPod Touch

3. Select Wireless@SG (Of course, you have to be at one of the hotspots lah!)

4. Boot up "SG Wireless”
And watch the application work its magic! Within seconds, you will be connected.
Since I am on the topic, it is worthwhile to mention that auto-login to Wireless@SG will certainly greatly improve the usage of the local Wi-fi network. The big issue right is with connecting to the network which require quite alot of steps, especially in keying in the details such as username and password. I am sure many share my sentiments.
Now with SG Wireless, basically I can probably check my mail or update the Channel News Asia application on my iPod Touch (that is probably another review) to read while waiting for friend etc.
Incredibly useful. Incredibly rare for any other device.
And I do feel the difference of Apple devices and Windows devices…
Thanks to Junda Ong for this wonderful application.
(Link) – Just2Me
And lastly, SG Wireless is not the only application that serve this purpose. But I couldn’t get the other one to work due to the version of my iPod Touch’s firmware, so I couldn’t test it. Nothing against it. You can easily find it on the iTunes Store anyway.
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