Funan Digital Life Mall: Believe It or Not Sale!

From 6th August to 9th August 2009, Funan is having some sort of event going on called “Believe It Or Not Sale”. Let’s see if I can really believe.
I am not very keen on other things except the price of the gadget, but this one has alot of “side events”; $1 Auction, Carpark rebate, cash rebate for CapitaCard Member and of course, lucky draw. Ok, moving on to gadgets highlights.

Recently released by Samsung as the Korean brand tries their hand at the netbook market. Read what we said: (Link). Retail price is S$799, so you won’t get any advantage in terms of cash. But a 7” digital photo frame cost about S$60 to S$70 bucks, so that is a good gift if you are keen on one.

You can get this price at Challenger. Again, its Samsung. Don’t think that I am a fan of Samsung, I am surprised when I realized I have been subconsciously focusing out Samsung’s products. Anyway, do your homework before you head down there to get this. In this case, the price is lower than the retail price, so I listed it here as well (Although, its called a “Sale”, most products are still selling at retail price, speaking of “Unbelievable”! ). Specifications else, Samsung’s cameras haven’t got a very good F-number(so called the metric to gauge how detail the camera can capture). Features else, 5X optical zoom and 3” LCD are almost the norm now. Too bad it only record VGA video.
Also from Challenger, I recall this mouse is selling at S$49.90 usually. So this is a good price and also a very good mouse. For those who are still chaining your mouse to the computer, try this one from Logitech, fast, comfortable and won’t hurt your wallet.
Ok… That’s enough crap for this one. My conclusion is straightforward, “believable” deals.
Check out the link below for the entire brochure.
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