Intel Centrino 2 ; Singapore Press Conference (Part2)


With the basic information in place, its time to look presentation done by Debjani Ghosh, Intel's Southeast Asia Director. Right at the start, we were introduced to how Intel believes their hardwares would fit into the market. And surely Intel is can't go wrong when it zero in on the social commerce, lots of digital content and Eco Awareness.


Ms Debjani did not give a great deal of time to talk about the processors that used in the "Montevina" platform since they were introduced some time back. Codenamed "Penryn", those processors are made of the 8000 and 9000 series based on the 45nm structure. However, she did show us the difference in performances of the various generations of Intel processors.


The star of the platform is none or than the chipset which is first release at the press conference. Intel claimed that the Mobile Intel 45 Express Chipset:

  • Allows a more durable battery life
  • Boast of the new Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD offer increased graphics to 533MHz and 384MB of memory.
  • Supports Dual Channel DDR3 ram

Then came the news that the "Montevina" platform allows switching of Integrated Graphics or Discrete Graphics. This feature goes a long way in saving battery life as well as being environment friendly.


And of course the last dish on the plate belongs to the latest Intel WiFi Link 5000 Series. More specifically, the 5350 model will have WiMax On-board which see us testing on the yacht!


So what does the latest "Montevina" mean for average consumers now?
As Technology always is, the latest might not be suitable for everyone in terms of the price. Laptops with this latest Centrino will surely command a slight premium. No need to rush out to get them but do know that the existing standards have been up.

On the other hand existing platform's laptops are likely to get a price cut.

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