No Brand Multi-Function Jump Starter: User Experience

No Brand Multi-Function Jump Starter: Box
[USER EXPERIENCE] While owning a car offers lots of convenience at times, it may also be some work to take care of it. For instance, just 2 weeks back, my car battery went totally flat. So the natural course of action is to power up via another vehicle battery.

But then I recall seeing this car jump starter on Qoo10 and at the IT shows, so following the principle to buy a gadget whenever necessary, I invested. And it really work as advertised!

Back of the box
This one that I bought is a no-brand one, supposedly an OEM product, mainly because a search on Qoo10 shows many products that looked the same albeit with a slightly different specification. The differences are largely the battery size ranging from 20,000mAh to over 60,000 mAh.

The specification of the unit I bought is;
  • 68,800mAh
  • 4 USB ports (output 5V)
  • Short circuit proof
  • 3 LED SOS modes
  • Laptop Output 15V/16V/19V
  • Window breaker
There plentiful in the box. The start jumper itself, the connector to the car battery and an array of cables such as various types of power adaptor tip converter, car cigarette port and USB converter to lighting, micro USB etc.

The array of accessories gave me a hint the car jump starter will do more than just jump start.

Out of the box, my device is nearly full charged as I can see from the battery gauge meter to the left of the power button you see in the image above.

So I tried it immediately, connecting the blue-red power connector to the device, where it says "Engine Start", then to the car battery and viola! My car started when previously it's completely died.

I had to jump start again the next day to drive to the workshop and it works well again to prove that a small device like this packs in enough to start a car a few times!

The main objective fulfilled, I proceed to check out the USB ports and the flashlight and it's SOS modes. There is also an cornered edge on one end of the device that the user manual says is used to break the car window in emergencies.

I guess features that we shouldn't use often, at least we hope not.

All-in-all this will be a life saver when the car battery runs out and in some other emergencies. Though the build quality of the device looks below decent, thus I somehow have this concern of placing it in the car where temperatures can get high. That said, the specification states the operating temperature up to 60 degree celsius, I am probably paranoid then.
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