Is telco zero dollar phone a good deal?

Samsung S7 on SingTelShop Online
[COMMENTARY] Probably coincidentally, I was asked a few times this week if it is a good deal to get a particular zero dollar phone from the telcos.

The answer to the question usually depends on the phone in question. If you are getting a decent phone, then it is probably a good enough deal since you don't pay a cent apart from the monthly subscription.

Though in this relatively bad economy climate, there is a part 2 to the question.

Calculations with prices as of end January 2017
In the chart above, row 2 to 5 shows Samsung newest phones on sale in SingTel shop online in January 2017. Column B shows its respective prices with a SingTel Combo 3. Column C shows its retail prices in the non-telco shops.
Row 8 to 13 is similar to row 2 to 5 except that in column C it shows the approximate prices that you can resell the corresponding iPhone for.

I think the chart is pretty self-explanatory. Essentially you do a bit of homework and understand which phone offers the highest amount of rebate. And if you would like a budget phone, you are more likely to be better off with recontracting an iPhone, sell it and buy phone of your choice from non-telco shops.

In this example, you can also try to recontract a Samsung S7 due to it's higher savings against the retail price. But that retail price is what you can buy the Samsung S7 for and if you try to sell a brand new set outside after recontracting, you certainly get a much lower amount. iPhone has a reputation for better resale prices and take-ins.

I want to point out the retails prices are quoted from the trusty Kaisa Mobile and Mobilehardware Zone. They offer good prices and genuine Singapore sets.

Link - Kaisa Mobile
Link - Mobilehardware.

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