DTEK50 By Blackberry: World's Most Secure Android Smartphone

Back of Blackberry DTEK50 @ NEX M1 Shop
[NEW GADGET] What a surprise to see Blackberry latest Android phone in the M1 store at NEX! I mean just how many people is going to buy a Blackberry these days is probably quite imaginable. It is not without it's selling point. 

So here are 2 things about the Blackberry DTEK50.

Blackberry DTEK50 label

-----"World's Most Secure Android Smartphone"-----

Security is the focus of the phone, mainly in 2 categories, what you cannot see and what you can see.

In what you cannot see category, Blackberry made DTEK with out of factory and fully integrated security including full disk encryption, better bootloader and hardware root of trust. Put simply, you can be assured that you are buying a phone that isn't tampered with or it would not boot. Better yet, Blackberry claims "a record of being the quickest to deliver security patches"

It is all great except that our average consumers wouldn't understand or value as such.

Then in the "What you can see" category, Blackberry has an app conveniently call "DTEK by Blackberry" that monitors the phone and inform you, the user, when your privacy is at risk and how you should do to protect yourself.

There is probably a third category call "What you probably won't use"; Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Management solution which a suite of productivity and security plugins. Of course, these days corporates have mostly moved on from Blackberry.

"World's Most Secure Android Smartphone", Blackberry is technically not wrong though the competitors are not far behind. Android Marshmallow already supports disk encryption and Samsung came up with KNOX to better security as well.  

My personal take; new Android devices today are reasonable secured.

Side view: The power button right in the middle

-----5 minutes with Blackberry DTEK50-----

From the front, nothing stood out except the top speaker and bottom speaker. The back is what is more interesting with a rubber back which gives excellent grip. 

Coupled with the Blackberry logo, it looks like the older Blackberry devices, quietly boosting air of efficiency. Unfortunately, Blackberry DTEK is built with Snapdragon 617 chipset, which dampers expectation even with 3GB ram and an Adreno 405 graphics.   

The 5.2" display certainly is crispy sharp, an 1080p IPS screen it is. 13 megapixels rear camera and 8 megapixels front camera and 16GB storage expandable by SD card rounds up the basic specifications. Camera reviews around the net calls DTEK50 performance by the usual "OK in good lighting and bad in poor lighting".

DTEK50 does not comes with fingerprint sensor This is odd given it's focus on security.

At the end of the day, if you want the best in class hardware, you know you will not be getting it from Blackberry at this moment. It is still a decent device, but which so is most Android phones out there today.

Fun facts about DTEK50: There is also a DTEK60 with 5.5" screen and fingerprint sensor but not on sale with M1. DTEK50 is based on the same reference design Chinese firm TCL supplies for the Alcatel Idol 4, another recently-released Android phone.

Link - Blackberry DTEK page
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