Switching ISP from SingTel to M1

How many forms did I sign with M1!
[EXPERIENCE] From dial-up internet to cable broadband and finally nearly 17 years later, I am no longer a SingTel Internet customer. I really feel heavy-hearted that it had to come to this though I am pretty sure SingTel as an organization does not give a damn about losing a customer of nearly 2 decades.

The Reason
It was a combination of reasons that convinced me to take the trouble to migrate Fibre Broadband.
First, SingTel 1Gbps standalone subscription is more expensive than other ISP. For a recontracting customer like me, SingTel did not offer me anything more than they did to their new customers.

In September 2016, from SingTelshop online and calls from SingTel, the offer is restrictly S$59.90 monthly. Unless if I go for the MIO bundle with TV packs. When I eventually made my termination request, the retention department made an offer of 6 months free subscription. It's nice but by then it's too late. I have signed up with my new ISP.

Now there are many whom are taken aback when they heard I have signed with M1. My opinion of M1 is certainly different. M1 offers the one of the cheapest 1 Gbps deal and its stability is very underrated. And to completed the deal, the nearly S$200 discount on ASUS AC88U router meant that I have one of the best routers in the market for my home network. 

2 months into my M1 contract, I can safely say M1 with ASUS AC88U is as good if not better than my previous ISP.

The Migration Process
As advised by the M1 customer service officer, rule number one of migrating your fibre connection: don't cancel your original connection until your new network is up and running! Then I guess the installation process won't be as easy as it seems.

If you are migrating your ISP for the first time, note that there are 2 installation appointment timings. First for Terminal Point Installation by Netlink Trust and the second by your ISP, in my case, M1 to install the Optical Network Ternminal (ONT). 

For some reason, when I signed up during COMEX, I wasn't aware of this and thus I missed the first appointment and delay the ONT appointment as well. 

When the ONT is finally installed, the M1 technician left with a rather worrying conclusion. He said "Wait till 6pm, if the network is still not up then call M1 again." He was spot on. I waited a couple of hours till 6pm and the network is indeed not up. A call to M1 confirmed that my profile hasn't been setup and could only work the next day (and it did).

Residential phone line is the last of step in the whole chain of events that lasted more than 2 months. I wanted to retain my residential phone number. So first I had to call SingTel to terminate the Fibre broadband but not the residential line so M1 could port it over. This requires 7 working days. Then M1 will take another 7 working days to port the line over. To cut the waiting time, call your new ISP as soon as you have the termination date from the old ISP.

Last words, you will have to return MIO TV box if any but you can keep the SingTel router and ONT.


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