Singapore Pools Online Account: Experience

Singapore Sweep Ticket: Probably the only lottery you cannot buy online
[EXPERIENCE] On 30 September 2016, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced Singapore Pools will be allowed to offer remote gambling for our existing 4D and TOTO lotteries, football and motor-racing sports betting products, as an Exempt Operator under the Remote Gambling Act 2014.

Using Account

The steps to create the account are; Register an account online on with all your particulars. Then proceed to a Singapore Pools outlet with your Identification Card for verification of your identity. Finally 5 working days turnaround for the account to be activated.

Screenshot of the 4D bet placement page
The setup is as simple as you expect. Above self-explanatory screenshot of the 4D bet placement page. After clicking "add to bet slip" another 2 clicks. This is probably the quickest way to place a legalise bet.

TOTO is quite similar as well but I didn't not see the option of iTOTO.

The only inconvenience is topping-up of the account. In order to place the bet, first I need to top up the account and the top up options either involves additional cost or require a trip to the Singapore Pools outlets. For example, the eNets requires 80 cents per transactions and while Top-up cards can only be purchased at the outlets. There is also a fund transfer bank arrangement that requires GIRO setup.

Top up options page

Then there are the Limit management and self-exclusion features as part of the "safe gaming experience" that Singapore Pools promises.

The Predicament

I am not a supporter of remote gambling for the mass because I am convinced we will get more gamblers and even addicted gamblers this way. On the other hand, I signed up as soon as it is ready.

What a predicament. As well I wasn't very convinced with the way the Government conducted it's business. There is nearly no debate on the matter and the really short time interval from the news was out to the rollover of the online setup meant that everything is has been conducted with a decision from the top management of the country.

This is even scarier than the allowing online betting.

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