Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air: New!

Mi Notebook Air from Xiaomi China Official web
[PRICE WATCH] A few years on since Xiaomi introduced their most popular product series, Redmi, Xiaomi is now synonym with quality yet affordable products. Even in the eyes of the kiasu Singaporeans! And their latest product line is none other than computers, specifically notebooks.

The resemblance of Macbook Air both in naming and physical outlook aside, it's a beauty and possess decent processing powers. Especially in the 13.3" version where it comes with discrete graphics card, a certain GeForce 940MX.

I will leave you to read all the detailed specifications from the link right at the end of the post, but all-in-all, yet another fantastic value for money product from Xiaomi.

I like that there aren't any logo on the back of the screen. Instead, the logo is beneath the screen, only visible to the user. I also like that Xiaomi included a second disk bay for additional SSD/HDD disk. There is really aren't much to dislike about these gorgeous computers.

Mi Notebooks on Lazada on 7th October 2016
While not officially available in Singapore just yet (no indication from Xiaomi Singapore), Lazada already carries them via their sellers.

There are two models 12.5" and 13.3". The lowest you can find on Lazada as of 4 October 2016 is S$799. And the latter is S$1,269. Warranty may differs from seller to seller but a 3 months local warranty is decent but still a major stumbling if I am a potential buyer.

The premium on these exports sets are about right, with the 12.5" and 13.3" model going for S$715 and S$1,020 respectively. Premiums therefore is S$64 and S$49.

13.3" will be first choice for me. Not much bigger yet way more powerful.

So this is the Mi notebook, latest product to have caught my eyes on Lazada! Till next time.

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