Valore: New stuff for Christmas!

[NEW GADGET] Another one coming in from publicity team. This time it is our Singapore's very own Challenger's in-house brand, Valore's latest line-up of products. Valore of course needs no introduction even for least interested in consumer electronics. This is no thanks to Challenger flooding Singapore with Challenger stores.

According to the publicity team, Valore undertakes the entire production process from design, manufacturing, packaging to quality control with a dedicated R&D team. Of course in reality Valore's products seems decent but certainly also look like OEM products from China where products are order-to-build with logo.

Having said that I think Valore is still good value despite being more expensive than the run-of-mill no-name China products, because this Singapore company safeguarding the quality and after sales service.

My sentiments about Valore cleared, here are some of the new products on the Valore's shelves from Valore's publicity team.

The complete selfie package. Looks the "Premium" part. 
Would have preferred a non-mechanical keyboard but looks the "gaming" part.

One of those things that I really wanted for a while now but with camera.
One of those things that I really wanted for a while now but with better camera.
Decent choice for a wireless headset, would have been brilliant with water resistant

Valore products are available island wide at all Valore stores, Challenger/Challenger mini stores and online now at, Challenger's online store.

Link - Valore Sg
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