Sennheiser unveils first brand store

Photo from Press Release: Sennheiser store at Marina Square

[NEW STUFF] Sennheiser Asia announces the opening of their first fully-owned brand store in Singapore on the same day.

I am a little surprise as Sennheiser is one of the first names a Singaporean can think of when it comes to earphones. I mean Sennheiser has been around for the longest time even before the flood of Audio brands in the last couple of years.

Besides a broad portfolio of headphone models, the retail space at Marina Square will offer a selection of microphones for musicians and video journalists, as well as BYOD audio
conferencing solutions.

Sennheiser also debuted their first-of-its-kind service, Headphone for Hire programme. Consumers can pay a security deposit and take a Sennheiser headphone on trial for a week. Surely a comprehensive trial programme anyone would enjoy when considering a new headphone!

Also as part of the launch, the brand introduces their exclusive partnership with local artistes 53A and Jack & Rai, good stuff!

As well good stuff; check out the store for launch promotions until... 9th August 2016!

Source: Press Release from SG Story
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