Logitech M280: User Experience

Logitech M280 on my desk
[USER EXPERIENCE] Simplicity as its best. Probably best describe my conclusion for Logitech M280, available everywhere in Singapore. It's a computer mouse and it does what I think a computer mouse quite competently. Essentially, ergonomic grip, quick, silent scroll and clicky buttons.

I like the Logitech font.
Decent build quality. Feels great in hand. The dot in the picture above lights up when the mouse is powered on. Afterwards it doesn't light at all. A fun thought, if it lights up for a while after a fixed interval of inactivity, might be quite cool.

Side view of M280.
It's marketing material say "10-meter reliable wireless range", good to know but I don't sit 10 meters away from my screen. Also says "Advanced optical tracking" and "18-month battery life", yeah its 1000 DPI, decent but the fastest mouse I have used. Not sure about the battery life though, its 2016, how bad can it be. A free battery (AA) is included in the package.

The part that I don't see often.
I am not a gamer nor a millionaire, so as much as I wanted Logitech MX Master, I settled for its distant cousin, M280. I hope 'M' here stands for the word "Master". ha. Till next time, bye.

Nice light. Too bad it doesn't light more often.
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