OnePlus 3: Buying!

Edited 22 August 2016: OnePlus has announced its closure of their Beijing and Shanghai stores effective 22 August 2016. Link - GizmoChina

[USER EXPERIENCE] I happen to be in Shanghai for a business trip right after the launch of the OnePlus 3 on 14 June 2016. And I also happen to have a Brother-in-law that wanted OnePlus 3. So that's it, I get to enjoy the excitement of purchasing the OP3! And here are the 3 things from my OP3 buying experience! 

It’s all calm and peaceful! 
The OnePlus 3 is officially unveiled on Wednesday, 15 June 2016. I made my trip to their Shanghai Flagship store, the only brick-and-mortar OnePlus store in China, on Friday night but I was told the last piece sold out 5 minutes ago! In case you are virtualizing iPhone-released like queue at the store, read on. 

The photo of the shop at the top of this post is taken right at that time. Yes, it’s just a regular crowd. Further proof that OP3 is not mainstream; I got out earlier to get it the next day. There is no queue at the cashier but again, a steady stream of customers at the store. 

iPhone in OnePlus Store?
I can't say for the rest of China but Shanghai is truly an Apple city according to statistics generated by number of iPhones I saw during my time there.

A more damning evidence is the OnePlus store assistant attending to me uses an iPhone instead of OP3! Not the best image to present!

Another unofficial statistics from the brain of mine, there are Apple Stores, not the fake ones, opened in major locations around Shanghai than the stores of Huawei, Samsung, Oppo and the rest combined.

Simple Choice
Since OP3 doesn't not offer colours or specs options, all I can say to place my order was "one unit please". I find this to be refreshing experience when purchasing a smartphone in today context. 

OP3 even comes with a film clear type screen protector applied. I also bought the tempered glass protector from the store but the store assistant advised I used the film protector until it wears out before replacing it. I suspect she didn't want to paste the glass protector for me...

Of course that didn't temper my mood of going back with one of the most value-for-money tech in the world today!   
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