GripGo Universal Car Mount: Sticky!

[REVIEW] Having increasing my driving hours tremendously this year, too often I need Google Maps to guide me to my destination. So the search for a mobile phone car mount begins.

That's when GripGo Universal Car Mount caught my eye. Marketed by JML, I have seen GripGo on sale in sold in Sheng Siong and Cheers at approximately S$14.95. GripGo comes in short arm and long arm version.

I went for GripGo because most of the car mount didn't look stylo. Most of those are of clip design which hold mobile phone in position with a clip. Surely they looked sturdy. Somehow I managed to go the other way with GripGo.

I got it online from someone whom got it shipped from overseas hence it's not the JML version and also does not cost S$14.95.

GripGo also comes with a adhesive-backed disc for dashboard mounting.

On to the product itself. For the record, I stick on the Nexus 5, iPhone 5s and an iPad 2 and both stick on with strong grip. In fact to remove the devices itself required some strength and if anything, is one of the biggest problem with GripGo.

For instance in the case of my Nexus 5, not an unibody phone, it is important to get a firm grip on the phone before peeling it off the GripGo. Otherwise, while the back of phone is sticked firmly on and you are merely taking the phone apart. It is that sticky.

For me the best way to remove the phone from this car mount is to squeeze the handles by the side of the pad. This is also the recommendation on the instruction sheet.

What is not so sticky is the suction cap. In my weeks of experience with GripGo, it came off several times my windscreen.

In short, GripGo has its shortcomings. One, it works if you are using a uni-body with a flat back phone. Two, suction cap is just bad. It may look pretty cool initially to have your phone stick on so easily but actual experience is just not as good as it looks. Traditional clip-on car mount would be a better option.
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