Samsung S7 Edge: 31 days and a visit to Service Center

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Original Box
[USER EXPERIENCE] I bought my first ever Samsung smartphone on on 22 May 2016. Exactly 31 days later, I have to have my first visit ever to Samsung Service Center! Here are 3 thoughts on my experience.

1. Initial Disappointment
What happened was that out of no where, black shadows appeared on the LCD. I took photos of it but I didn’t remember to back up it before sending it in for repair…

S7 Edge is probably the best Android phone out there in terms of specs and features so to have it break after such a short period is really disappointing.

What's also disappointing is that I didn't sign up for the Samsung Concierge at the point of purchase. Otherwise, there is a chance I might get a 1 to 1 replacement as well avoid a visit to the service center, one of Samsung Concierge benefits is a on-site support.

2. Servicing experience
First off, there are two Service Centers for mobile devices, at Westgate and Plaza Singapura respectively. As a Northern citizen, both are as far as it can get.

Fortunately, there is virtually no queue at Westgate. I got attended to in 1 minute or so.  A very young staff, Brian, attended to my case which requires no explanation given the black bars on the screen and no hardware damage ruling out any phone abuse.

Brian reappearing from the door to the room where I suppose all the technicians sits, confirmed a AMOLED panel replacement is necessary. Then he gave me a few papers to release Samsung from any liabilities arising from the loss of data. Also

Brian also denied me a spare phone when I asked for one because Samsung is offering me an “express service” where I could pick up my repaired S7 Edge on the same day, 6 hours later.

3. Disappointment Aftermath
Samsung did a professional warranty job. My S7 Edge is fixed on the same day and its been 3 days, so far so good.

Yet I could not avoid the disappointment of a brand new flagship breaking down after just 31 days.

While the servicing is professional, I am probably still a little sore over the lack of sentiment for a poor user whom waited so eagerly for his first ever Samsung smartphone, and a flagship, only to have a defective device.

I mean there I am a disgruntled customer with a defective flagship device, and I was met with a host of cold shoulder responses; to have my screen protector removed and thrown away due to screen replacement, to be without a spare phone for 6 hours, and of course the travelling time and cost wasted.

Maybe I am a novice when it comes to warranty, this is probably my first time sending in a device under the warranty period, so I didn’t know the standard. Perhaps, this is my own luck to have randomly gotten a defective device.

One certain thing is though, S7 Edge is really a brilliant phone despite my misfortune. I would give it a go again for now. Hopefully it doesn’t break down on me again.
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