SamKnows: Volunteering for a good cause!



[NEW STUFF] The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) is said to recently award a broadband measurement performance company SamKnows to measure consumer Internet performance.


Samknows will offer free hardware devices called “Whiteboxes” to volunteers whom would link up the Whitebox to their routers. The Whitebox in turn then performs tasks to measure the performance of the Internet Service Provider. Confidentiality is not compromised as Samknows said that the Whiteboxes does not collect any personal browsing data that passes through the device.


Meanwhile volunteers will have access to the test results from their Whiteboxes via a web or app login providing an incentive for the volunteers whom are interested in their actual internet service performance. Volunteers will also be emailed a "SamKnows Report Card" on a monthly basis, showing the results of your tests for that month and providing an average speed for your broadband connection.


So all-in-all a win-win situation, where one gets to help IDA in their study as well as having access to some statistics about one’s own broadband performance.


Interested participants can apply for a free Whitebox at




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