HTC 10: Not officially here but here

[NEW GADGET] 2016 is a great year for smartphones. I don't remember that last time I am this excited about the possible options in the market.

Maybe because my telco contract is up this year hence the impending purchase makes me more thrilled than usual.

One of my top options would be HTC 10 for sure! 

HTC 10 has all the ingredients to create the comeback stories of 2016. Armed with a super-high 565 pixel density 5.2" Super LCD5 screen, the 2016 must-have processor Snapdragon 820 and an outstanding execution of the build quality, I have no doubt that HTC 10 have all the potential to rescue HTC reputation.

To realise the potential to probably the harder part because of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The Internet will analyse the two phones to death but in essential Samsung S7 series are just better at branding, marketing and camera image quality. In my mind, consumers would get a Samsung S7 series with much lesser homework done compared to HTC. 

HTC 10 is very good. But whether it's better is up for debate.

Meanwhile, there is still no release date for an official release date in Singapore. So I am surprised to see Lazada SG offering HTC 10 32GB version on sale with "1 year local manufacturer warranty" for a very competitive price of S$930!

Maybe its export set but its a good price and, from the page, delivers within the week apparently.  

Link - HTC 10 SEA

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