Facebook: Live Forever Digitally



[TIP] We make plans for after life with insurance policies and will. Now include Facebook into the plan. It is important to ensure someone trustworthy take charge of your digital life.


You can now find a feature call “Legacy Contact” in your Facebook account. Look for ‘Settings’ then ‘Security’ and you find it near the end of the page.


In a nutshell, you can nominate a Facebook friend to be the custodian of your account or ask Facebook to have your account deleted when you are deleted from this world. Read more in the link here - Facebook “What will happen to my account if I pass away?


The thought of my Facebook profile outliving me sends a shiver down my spine. It is nice to have a digital memorial where your profile is marked “Remembering” yet it can’t go on forever. Or to have updates on your wall when you in the coffin (or in urn/sea) and unable to respond is totally weird.


I think I will ask Facebook to wipe my profile off when I am done in this world. Strangely this feels like one of the more meaningful things  I did today…

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