Windows 10: Finally my turn!



[NEW GADGET] I treat this blog mostly as a diary to the technology side of my life. So it is important to mark one of the milestone in technology of my life. A new windows operating system!


Upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate, I did waited for nearly a lifetime for the upgrade to come. 1 month is really a long time in Internet.


Upgrading operating system on the computer is always a major project. Taking a wrong step can have disastrous outcome. I successfully side-stepped Windows 8/8.1 in the past few years but I did fall into the Windows Vista hole for awhile. So the process for deciding on an upgrade usually involves a lot of reading and waiting for the so-call “service pack 2” to avoid disappointment and the pride of being someone who reads up on technology quite a bit.


The decision to move to Windows 10 is supported by two major reasons: it’s a FREE upgrade from Windows 7 and more importantly, it feels and looks an the “Windows 7” of “Windows Vista, meaning a polished piece of software.


A well-thought out decision is usually rewarding. Windows 10 did not disappoint.


I am running a bootcamp on a MacBook Pro Early 2011 and, touch wood, the Windows 10 installation went so smoothly that it is so hard to believe. For sure I read some horror stories about the installation or general experience going bad but I touched as many wooden stuff I can find around me to give the thumbs-up to Windows 10.


Having had it for 2 weeks now, generally, Windows 10 of course does not change your computing a whole lot. What it does is really to give you a interface that look like it is 2015.


Start Button is back for a start. Mail (especially impressive), People and Calendar all have been refreshed to have a cleaner and simpler interface. Photo Viewer is slick now and offers editing in the same application. Task View finally arrives in Windows. Notification Menu looks like what we have on the Windows Phone or perhaps Android, just bigger. Search function is finally finding stuff that I want on the computer, very quick way to find certain applications or Windows settings.


There are of course some bad stuff. I still can’t get Live Tiles to be useful to me and . Microsoft Edge is a work-in-progress browser.


So without going too much in to details, I like Windows 10. Again, if you qualify for a FREE upgrade, barring some hardcore reasons, I recommend most to upgrade. NOW.


Image Source – Windows 10

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