OPPO: Making Headways!



[TECH IN CHINA] I am always have an interest for Technology in China having spent 2 over years in Shanghai. While cheap and lousy products are still aplenty, there are some really original and good quality Made-In-China products. This prompts me to start a new category of writing called “TECH IN CHINA” focusing on some of the technology stuff I read about.


OPPO is a prime example of a less-known brand in the mainstream crowd yet it offers excellent and original products. From headphones (PM1) to amplifiers to smart phones (R7), OPPO making a very good name for themselves. Therefore it is no surprise that Oppo ranks the 8th number globally for mobile phone sales in 2015 with over 50 million sets sold in the year according to survery done by TrendForce, a third-party market survey company. OPPO is certainly proud of their achievement and I picked 2 noteworthy pointers from their corresponding press release.


The slogan, “5 minutes of charging supports 2 hours of talk time.” has been extremely popular in China and allowing more people to know OPPO. They are of course referring to their unique VOOC Flash Charge technology. The original version of the slogan in Chinese sounds much more catchy though.


The R7 series contributed significantly to the 50 million sold in 2015. This means OPPO largely made forays into the mid-range smartphones market segment especially the RMB 2000 to 3000 category (approximately SGD 400 to 600)


Source – zixuntop.com

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