Huawei Laptops: For Real?



[TECH IN CHINA] The Personal Computer (PC) market may be a sunset industry yet in last months there are good rumours that Huawei are planning, you guess it, to start making personal computers!


According IDC data, global PC sales in 2015 fell 10% to 276 million and the 2016 forecast is a further decline of 3.1%. Though the 2-in-1 convertibles laptop/tablet products are expected to grow  this year.


As PC output continues to fall, the PC market appears to be saturated while PC manufacturers coincidentally maintain profit margins through regular product upgrades in mist of falling volumes.


Lenovo, for one, made more profits in its PC division (USD 400 million profit before tax) than its mobile devices division (USD 30 million loss) in Q3 2015 as the top selling PC vendor in 2015.


But the case study of Lenovo is not common and Huawei certainly didn’t expect the same scenario by going down the same route by manufacturing PCs. According to Wang Yang, Research Director at iSuppli China, the bigger picture is probably that Huawei wants to be in the same league as Apple to manufacture a complete series of mobile devices including laptops where the Mac series have been a success.


Source: Zixuntop

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