Open Live Writer: Replacement of Windows Live Writer


 [NEW STUFF] I have relyed on Windows Live Writer for a good part of the last 7 years. It was probably one of the most popular blog client around especially for people on Yet despite the popularity, its creator, Microsoft didn't bother to take it further in its product cycle. Instead, earlier this month Windows Live Writer went open-sourced.

 It didn't just happened, apparently, when Microsoft stops developing Live Writer in 2012, there is a group of vonlunteers from the public wrote to Microsoft to ask for Live Writer to be open-sourced. Thank God for them. I have tried several blogging client over the years such as Blogger's web-based, Marsedit and Desk but I still like Windows Live Writer for its full WYGIWYG (what you see is what you get) usage, lightweight and responsiveness.

However I ran into a authentication problem on Windows Live Writer this month. This is because Google upgraded its authentication system to a new one called "OAuth 2.0". And Windows Live Writer as Microsoft put it, will not be upgraded as it is Google's problem. Thereafter, it was reported that if switching on the "Allows Less Secured Apps" option will allow Windows Live Writer to continue to work with Blogger. It didn't work for me though.

Open Live Writer did. To be exact, the original v0.5 version didn't work, one of the nightly version did. I was able to login and start blogging again! Official Website -
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