OnePlus: Shanghai Store Visit!

Edited 22 August 2016: OnePlus has announced its closure of their Beijing and Shanghai stores effective 22 August 2016. Link - GizmoChina

[STORE VISIT] I was in Shanghai earlier this month for Business trip and one of the first things to do is to visit the OnePlus store at Xi Zang Nan Road!

Being a proud owner of an OnePlus One, I was excited to see the OnePlus Two in action. This is despite fairly average early reviews of the OnePlus Two. But first more about the store, photos I took in the store are in the album below.

Stepping into the store, the first thought in my mind was that the store is selling pretty much nothing and then the second thought was why are they setting up a store to sell pretty nothing. Ha.

Of course there are products for sale in the store; namely the OnePlus One and OnePlus accessories such as PowerBank, earphones and phone covers for OnePlus One. Yet though, the one product that anyone is really going to buy is the OnePlus Two but it is not for sale off the racks.

But it was fun to be there in a product store that will not appear in Singapore anytime soon. The simple-but-lacks-character decoration resembles a niche brand that is still trying to make its mark.

I spent the next 5 minutes hands on on the OnePlus Two (more one the Two in the next post!) and then I realised there isn't that much people in the store on a Saturday afternoon. When this is one of the best "Made-in-China" phones at the moment and I expect the Chinese will be more enthusiastic about the device.

Which probably sums up the OnePlus situation at the moment. I have asked more than a dozen of my Chinese colleagues if they knew OnePlus. Only 1 did, and he is a gadget enthusiast.

One Plus Two is a flagship phone competitor with a very affordable price. But not everyone can get it with it's invitation system and not everyone have heard about it given it's secretive presence. OnePlus is perhaps not going to change that perspective just yet.

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