Marques Brownlee

[FEATURE] Technology sites that I enjoyed largely stayed the same over the years. Once in a while I come across a thoroughly enjoyable one. MKBHD is one such that I come across and it's content have been terrific.

MKBHD is a  technology-based YouTube channel started by Marques Browniee with over 2.3million subscribers and one of the most subscribed tech channel on Youtube as of 2015. MKBHD covers gadget reviews, technology introductions and also any other tech stuff that Mr Marques cares to cover. That's incredible achievement considering this guy did it all by himself and when he is in this late teens.

One of his famous videos is a review and scratch test of a rumored 4.7" iPhone 6 glass display, uploaded on 7 July 2014. That video is featured on sites such as The Verge, CNET and Time Magazine.

What makes the channel so successful could have been its high-definition recordings and his ability to explain technology and reviews in simple and clear words. Check them out!

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