MacBook Early 2015: A Sure Winner!

Wow, just wow. We know a piece of world changing gadget when we see one. And Apple has just release yet another MacBook that will change the laptop landscape forever and ever. There’s so much new stuff about the MacBook.

New Colours: Space Grey and Gold
Gold MacBook. What a beauty. Space Grey. So handsome.

Lightest and Most Compact Mac ever
13.1mm, 920g and 12-inch retina display. 2304 x 1440 resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio.
And a full-size keyboard.

Force Touch Trackpad
The brand new developed trackpad with force sensors detecting how much pressure you applied. Which translates into the possibility to perform a variety of actions in different apps. This is not the only new tech with the trackpad. Apple also introduces the Taptic Engine which improves trackpad’s responsiveness around the trackpad edges as well as providing some sort of a haptic feedback when using the trackpad.

Fanless Architecture
The new MacBook is the first Mac notebook without a fan. Apple did that with some trade-off on the processor, Intel Core M chip drawing 5 watts of power which is generates less heat.

All-Day Battery Life
Up to 10 hours battery life. Who needs a tablet?

Apple ditches all ports that all laptops use today and in place all those ports were… just… a… USB-C. It will act as power charger, USB, displayport and well just about anything that a laptop can be plugged into.

In the end, this is a MacBook that is so different from all other laptops in the market and it’s not just because it is pretty. This new MacBook is a beautiful chick that has more than just the looks. Perfection is hard to achieve, but this MacBook is so close.
Well the talk point has largely centred around having just a single port thus creating inconvenience in some situations. Yet, it is 2015 and you can do just about everything wirelessly. So what if its just a single port?

Link to Apple Singapore MacBook micro site -
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