[REVIEW] Last weekend was another milestone on my life; I have upgraded to Fibre Internet connection!

It was unreal. 10 years ago I needed a phone modem to dial-up for Internet and shortly after I moved to Broadband and stayed there for ever since, until now.

This post is not going to be about how brilliant Fibre is. It is brilliant. But I wanted to focus on how the plan works out economically. First up is the 10% discount off mobile subscription line. I was expecting 10% off all mobile lines under my name. All I can nominate is one mobile subscription. Hence, I chose the most expensive between the two lines I have and it is going to be approximately S$5 off the bill every month. The catch is that it takes 2 to 3 billing cycle for the discount to come in. Not cool.

Second was the free 500MB SIM card that comes with the Fibre plan. For many, 500MB is not particularly useful. Many of our phones don't come with dual SIM card slots so you probably need another phone or mobile router to use the card.

Coincidentally, my mum is using a Hi! card without much data cap together with a XiaoMi RedMi. So it was a perfect match when mum is able to slot in this 500MB SIM card into her RedMi’s second slot.
Third, as a recontracting customer, I was offered 5 months free subscriptions fees. After all these years of loyalty, SingTel finally recongise my efforts. They rarely do so!
How good a Fibre plan is definitely lies with its connection speed and stability, I will get to that. Right now, the cost savings is pretty massive. And this goes a long way to show that opening up the broadband market to more providers is such important move for the consumers.

22/10/2014 - Update: Watch out for add-ons on the contract before signing. I have got "Security Suite" and "Family Protection Service" added to my contract. Damn!

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