SingTel Silver Plans: Good Deal or Not?

[REVIEW] Earlier this year in March, SingTel roll over a new mobile subscription package for customers who are 55 years old and above. Their aim is to increase the adoption rate of mobile data plans among this target group.
Essentially, our fellow Singaporean in their silver age are able to sign up SuperLite and Lite plans at 20% off the subscription as well as a special price for selected mobile phones.
The regular price of a SuperLite plan is $27.90 (exclusive of GST), with a 20% discount it is going for $22.32 now.
The catch with the plan is that the plans does not come with caller-ID. Caller-ID itself is a add-on service priced at SGD 5 a month (exclusive of GST).

You see what I mean? Taking into account the caller-ID will return the price to just about the same level. Although one can argue that without the 20% discount, the subscription is even higher, yet isn’t the whole point of creating a “for-seniors” plan to encourage them to pick up mobile data?
Take a step back and think, the group of seniors that have not sign up for a mobile data plan, why didn’t they do it? Is it because they are less IT-literate? Or because they are less familiar with a smartphone? Or because they have less spending power?
Possibilities are a bundle but it is clear that waiving the caller-ID charge would be a clear and logical choice.
My humble opinion is caller-ID is a indispensable service that to the seniors.
I don’t have the statistics but judging from the reaction of my dad, I can guess that many seniors are taken aback when they realized caller-ID comes at extra charges.
One other thing to be mindful when signing up the plan is the data usage pattern. In the case of SuperLite plan, 100MB may be gone in a flash if the smartphone isn’t setup to allow only a few apps to access mobile data.
Link: SingTel Silver Plans Page
Link : SingTel Press Release
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